Saturday, January 01, 2022

Twenty Years Ago Today - Telford Match Postponed

A look back to twenty years ago today and Hereford 's home game against Telford was postponed because the Edgar Street pitch was frozen.

However the loss of income because the game was called off was as important then as it is today.

Manager Graham Turner was already waiting for gate receipts from a FA Cup Tie at Swindon six weeks previously and so the loss of a New Years Day home game made matters worse.

"It's common knowledge that it's been difficult to run the club financially," said Turner.

"We've sought investors without too much success. All the vibes suggest that we will remain at Edgar Street. We have to obviously satisfy Chelverton's requirements and we have to redevelop Edgar Street. All those problems are at the background at the moment. 

"We've had a little hiccup with our FA Cup money from Swindon and it's a couple of weeks late. We know Swindon have got immense problems financially but so have a lot of other clubs and we would welcome that money being paid on time.

"We dread the day when a club does go under in the middle of the season but it's looking more and more likely with the amount of debt being carried by football clubs. The game appears to be awash with money but you'd like to see a bit more filter down to the lower levels."

Turner also spoke about Telford game being postponed.

"We were full of confidence and players were raring to go and it was a blow in that respect but putting on the chairman's hat, it's probably cost us a considerable amount of money," he said. 

"The fact that it's New Year's Day, a generally well supported day, and we were expecting a crowd of over 2,000 for that match. I think we'll get 1,500 for a midweek match perhaps in January or February so it has been a blow to the finances."