Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Is It Worth It Asks Wrexham Manager

National League Wrexham manager Dean Keates has revealed that he has considered leaving the job because of the amount of threats from internet 'trolls'.

His words come from a weekend when many people involved in football took part in a 'social media boycott'. 

"When it gets personal, when it was aimed at my family, my kids and people are taking it upon themselves to wish that you catch Covid-19 and that gets you out of a football club, it is hard to take," said Keates as reported by the Wrexham Leader.

"I am not going to lie, when it gets to that level when people are saying things about your kids and stuff like that, there are points where I have thought to myself 'is it actually all worth it?'. But I have never shied away from things..

"When that is happening you need to think that humanity needs to be a bit more considerate of people's feelings

"When people are wishing you catch Covid, it is disgusting.

"It is disappointing to live in a time where this is happening. Social media companies need to do better."