Sunday, May 09, 2021

Gowling 'Really Pleased' To Sign New Deal


After yesterday's news that manager Josh Gowling had signed a new deal at Hereford he gave his reaction.

"When I came in my plan for the club was to rebuild it and get it back to where we need to be," said Gowling.

"Obviously the club have backed me.

"I'm really pleased that finally we've got it over the line and now we can concentrate on the final and the future of the football club.

"We've ready for the next season. We've sat down with the board regards the budget for next season. Covid has been tough on the club. The finances given to us by the National League has probably hit us harder than a lot of clubs so budget-wise we are looking at the same budget as we had last year so it's going to be tough.

"We are going to try and keep as many players as we can together. I think we got a large portion of the players this season because of Covid. So it's going to be tough to keep everyone together but we are going to try our best to do that.

"Again we are going to have to be diligent in the market and probably bring in a couple of players who are a bit flexible in the positions they play.

"So we're speaking to players and planning for next season.

"We've had a great group this season, I think that's clear. I think getting  to the final helps that.Every game helps that and we've been on a great run.

"So we want to keep these lads together and they're professional, they love being at the football club. I think that's a big thing.

"It's great that we can go the the final and play in front of our fans. They've only had that twice this season so it will be great."

Steve Burr has also signed a new deal.

"I've had a long chat with Steve about things. He's been great for me. I'm really pleased he wants to stay with me. We've got a great team, I think I've built a good backroom staff and I'd like them to stay with us." 

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