Sunday, May 09, 2021

Burr Pleased To Have Two More Seasons With Hereford


Assistant manager Steve Burr has spoken about how pleased he is to be working with manager Josh Gowling at Hereford for another two years.

"We feel we've got the nucleus of a good squad together," said Burr.

"If possible we want to try and add to that and do better.

"We've been relatively pleased with how things have gone given the disrupted season but with a Trophy final to look forward to.

"I'm pleased to commit myself to another couple of seasons with Hereford, looking forward to it and looking forward to working with Josh and all the boys again.

"You obviously want to build on what you have done, it's gives you a bit of a platform and base to go at. It's going to be difficult because we know that times are quite hard with finances and things like that.

"But I think we've showed in over a season that we've managed to use the money that's been available to bring decent players into the football club.

"I know what the gaffer is like and he wants to kick on and so do I. And we want every player that comes through the doors to improve.

"There will be a few ups and downs along the way but we're quietly confident that a club like this we can get them back into the Conference National. And I'm a great believer once the ball is rolling and you get success it's hard to stop it. Likewise when things go the other way.

"It's nice of the chairman and the board to back us in the way they have by asking us to committ to two seasons with the club. Hopefully that will be the case and we can be talking in another two years time where we're ready to go again.

I think from our point of view we are in a very fortunate position that we've managed to carry on playing football. It's been really tough for a lot of people who haven't been able to get out of the house so we appreciate that fact and for us to continue and be involved and to get to a final like Wembley has been fantastic for us.

"I know supporters haven't been able to come and watch the games but to watch on the live streaming, listen on the radio and keeping in touch with how the team has got on has been pleasant for us to know they are still there and backing us.

"But all football clubs want fans back, they are a big part of what you do."

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