Saturday, December 26, 2020

Long Time Being Down To Ten Men Said O'Connor.

Kidderminster assistant manager Jimmy O'Connor spoke about this afternoon's game at Edgar Street.

"We go into all games looking to get a positive result. Come away with it being a local derby so massively disappointed, it's now about Monday," Connor told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"We started the game strong, a lot of battles, scored a good goal off the corner something we had identified.

"Thought the equaliser was a bit against the run of play but it happens.

"Then the sending off so the rest of the game is difficult when you are chasing especially after going 2-1 behind.

"Trying to get the balance between keeping the door shut and giving yourself a chance. We tried to get bodies forward as well.

"But it was a difficult day, very disappointed."

Was it a straight red card?

"You had the reaction of the crowd, the players on the pitch. Straight away being away from home you know it's got a good chance it's going to go red. I'll have to look at the replay properly.

"All I can focus on was that there was no lack of effort for the next period of the game but it was a long time being down to ten men."