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Sunday, March 05, 2017

A Bizarre Set Of Events Said Ballard

After yesterday's match between Didcot and Hereford was abandoned, Andy Ballard spoke to BBC Radio Oxford.

"A truely bizarre set of events," said the Didcot manager.

"Quite competitive game, they go 2-1 up and then one of their fans jumped onto the pitch and attacked our goalkeeper.

"Obviously a melee assumed, we tried to protect ourselves and got our lads back away from it.

"I think it ended up with 15 of their supporters on the pitch throwing punches. Truely bizarre set of events.

"They brought roughly 1,000 people here today, they get supported very well for our level.

"At their ground we played in front of 3,000 people.

"Today it was boiling over from that as it kicked off at that game as well.

"I do have to commend the referee, he made a fantastic decision to abandon the game, he couldn't guarantee the safety of the players, supporters and everybody in the ground.

"He made a very tough call but I think it was the right one.

"I do believe it isn't the first time for Hereford although I don't think a game has been called off before. I know there has been a bit of trouble with other teams.

"Something needs to be done, they can't keep getting away with it, it's for the law-makers to decide.

"Throughout the game it was always kind of there. Some of the abuse our goalkeeper was taking was vile and I have to commend him for keeping cool in the situation. A fan up in his face, he didn't react to it, he just walked away from it."

Ballard was asked if the game would be replayed.

"I needed to clarify the ruling with the referee, he said the League need to decide.

"If it's called off for floodlight failure or weather then the result stands.

"I think we've got enough in our team to get a result against them. We were unfortunate to get a player sent off. I'd like to play them again especially as I've heard it might be behind closed doors."