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Carr Joins HUST Board

This from HUST:

The HUST Board is pleased to welcome Andy Carr to the board. Andy will take charge of HUST communications, handling the website, mailing list, and publicity for the Trust. Having a dedicated person for this role will enable HUST to better communicate with its members and the wider community.

Andy was co-opted at Thursday's Board meeting and is one of four applicants to be currently standing at the forthcoming elections, however we would more than welcome more members to stand. Nominations close on Thursday, and all completed nominations must be received by then to the Acting Secretary c/o Edgar Street Athletic Ground, Edgar Street, Hereford, HR4 9JU.

If you are thinking of standing, and would like more information, please contact the Chairman at

From The Archives - A Look Back To Last January

With the HUST AGM due in a couple of weeks and the continuing debate about its role with Hereford FC, BN looks back to January 30th this year and three interviews given to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

Supporters Drove Lonsdale And Agombar Out Of Business

In his interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester broadcast earlier this morning, former Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale claimed that supporters drove him and Tommy Agombar out of the business of owning the club.
Nothing that wasn't already known emerged during the interview and afterwards some supporters felt the H&W must have been short of material this morning to have bothered to run the interview.
"We put in a lot of money, a lot of money, in excess of £600K," said Lonsdale.
"We came into the club in May 2014 at the time when there was a winding up petition from Martin Foyle in place.
"Any business man who didn't care about the heritage of the club, didn't care about the fans, eventually put their club into liquidation and started again losing the history, losing the heritage, and losing the name of Hereford United football club.
"What we didn't take into account was the fans and the hidden agenda which we found out later on and has come out in social media since. 
"It's come out now that the phoenix club that they've set up now, Hereford FC, was actually formed in February 2014 before we even started talking to David Keyte. So they knew what they wanted to do.
"Basically they tried to drive us out of the club.
"The fans are the backbone of the club but at the end of the day there are financial obligations for the club.
"They were offered to buy the club but they decided not to. They decided to start again as a phoenix club and that was in place in February. They knew what they were going to do.
"If David Keyte didn't give them the club, they were just going to get it closed down. That's obvious now."
Lonsdale was asked what happened to drive them out.
"Basically social media, phone calls, text messages, where does it stop?  At the end of the day it's a football club.
"I can understand the fans anger but they were venting their anger on people that never caused the problem.
"You've got Alan McCarthy, Alan McCarthy's wife, never even been to Hereford in their life. They got hold of her facebook account and her twitter account and started tweeting her and sending her messages via facebook, absolutely disgraceful.
"Towards me, towards Connie, towards Elki, and towards Alan McCarthy. Disgraceful behaviour.
"I'll tell you what I think of the fans. The core of Hereford fans are nice people.
"There are keyboard warriors out there who are hell-bent on making people's lifes a misery. And if you look at social media now, there are even in-fighting now because they've got nowhere else to play."
Lonsdale was then asked about the abuse reportedly left on a fans answerphone.
"It wasn't one of us, it wasn't one of the staff that's all I'm going to say.
"I've got a good idea (who it was). No it wasn't me." 
Martin Watson was interviewed on BBC Hereford and Worcester earlier today. The HUST vice-chairman was asked about an interview given by former chairmam Andy Lonsdale.
"It just seemed to be a bitter last rant from somebody whose continual lies were exposed time and time again," said Watson.
"They took over on May 28th. Within two weeks we were kicked out of the Conference because they refused to pay the bills after having told everybody they were going to pay everyone.
"They went back on what they said they were going to do almost immediately. 
"They said they were not after the leases until Herefordshire Council admitted they had a meeting and a request to transfer the leases to one of Tommy Agombar's other companies.
"We've talked for a long long time about a phoenix club. When the supporters trust was set up there was always a discussion.
"The simple fact was that during David Keyte's four year reign the club lost £1.5M.
"There was a company on paper but nothing else was set up and that company could have been used for anything.
"If they had come in and paid the bills like they said they would, it would have carried on fine. There was never any problem with that.
"We kept the same line all the way through. We gave them chance after chance after chance and they lied to the fans, they lied to the players, they lied to the staff, they lied to the Council, they lied to you on Hereford and Worcester, they lied to the press, they lied to everybody, they did it time and time again.
"Andy Lonsdale threatened me personally.
"He's claiming abuse and he kept on saying he would go to the police about it but the police appear to have received no reports.
"He seems to be making up a history that doesn't exist.
"You can't stop hundreds of people commenting on things and you will get one or two at the extremes and that's always the case.
"We've repeatedly stated that none of this abuse is done in our (HUST) name. We've repeatedly stated that."
As for the future?
"We've got to open negotiations with the Council and secure the ground and look to build towards next season. That's going to be done with the fans backing."
Have you got anything to say to Lonsdale and Agombar?
"There's nothing left to say to them. They came here and treated the club and the fans appallingly and the players and the staff.
"The vast majority of people are glad to see the back of them and from the comments H&W are receiving today it seems that people are quite disappointed that he's been given air-time today." 
By Organic Bull

Former Hereford United chairman David Keyte spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester this afternoon. He says he was prompted to do so after seeing quotes from HUST vice-chairman Martin Watson on Bulls News earlier today.

"Thank you for giving me a bit of airtime, as you know you and I could talk for three hours on this subject," Keyte told Trevor Owens.

"I've kept my own counsel for the last eight or nine months but there's been an awful lot of things said, usually at my expense, that have just sort of supported these various agendas which different factions have worked on to their own ends.

"I didn't hear the interview this morning but I tend to read Bulls News for my sins and I noticed the quote from Martin that said that the club had lost £1.5M in my four years which is quite frankly absolute nonsense.

"I just felt this was the one thing which would start me getting my two penny-worth into all this.

"The first year in my tenure we made a profit of £431K. If you recall we bought back the leases and wrote off the £1M debt to the Richardson Brothers which gave us a net profit of £431K end of year.

"The next year was the year we were relegated from the Football League and we chased that a bit, we tried to avoid it and we ran up a loss of about £400K.

"And then in our first year in the Conference we had a similar high £400K loss. Technically the final year of my four years I don't think anybody to this day has closed the accounts off because we finished before the year end.

"But if you say a similar £400K or so, the loss in the four years was less than £1M and the directors at the time funded that £1M out of their own personal money."
Keyte was then asked if he regretted not selling to the Supporters Trust.

"I didn't have the option, they never came back.

"We met the supporters trust group which significently did not include Chris Williams, their chairman, who was unavailable. But Martin and four or five other people came along. 

"We met. We being the board of directors, Dave Preedy, Bob Pritchard, Colin Addison and we listened and we heard their offer of £1 which you might appreciate from a personal point of view for all of us was quite close to insulting.

"We asked the question which you would expect in a business meeting proof of funding, as we were looking for £300K to pay immediate debts, which they couldn't supply.

"We wanted to know who would do the due diligence for them, bearing in mind they were a community at that time of about 400 members. We needed some idea of who would come in and do due diligence and they couldn't give us an answer to that."
Owens then pointed out that the claim always was that you (Keyte) would not let them see the books.

"David Keyte refused to let HUST see the books, David Keyte murdered our club. The facts are we left that meeting and the next day Martin Watson put out an agreed statement, which I had agreed - he had been good enough to share it with me, which said 'it was an amicable meeting and that they had left to seek advice from Supporters Direct'.

"And it was on these very topics of how do we accommodate due diligence in a private limited company when we are trying to talk for four hundred members and how do we give proof of funding when we have about £5K in the bank but we think through pledges we could get to whatever money they thought they could.

"I've read since from Chris William's quote that £220K was offered. Never, ever offered in that meeting. He wasn't there and then they never came back.

"So we were left with two outside investors to choose between and rightly or wrongly we went with Agombar.

"I'm not going to speak for the last period that he was involved and Lonsdale because quite frankly it was shocking.

"But we had sold having decided as a board we could go no further. Personal finances. We could take it no further. We needed to find outside investment which we were publicly saying for the last six months of our tenure. So let's clear that one up for once and for all."
Owens suggested that the setting up of a phoenix club was a sensible move.
"You could call it a sensible move. This Hereford FC was opened on April 1st 2014 by two people named as directors, John Hale and Chris Williams.
"When it became clear that Agombar was going to fail, they started to introduce that publicly as the saviour. It had been opened on April 1st when a lot of people were still trying to fundraise for the old club.
"It will all be opinions won't it. But as I speak now there will be half of Hereford saying let's not listen to him he killed our club. But the facts are that there are some interesting twists of personalities.
"How could the HUST be making independent decisions on behalf of their members when their chairman Chris Williams was already set up as a director of Hereford FC. 
"How can HUST make independent decisions rather than just go with there's no other choice but to go in with these mysterious benefactors who could have, probably could have come forward and saved the 90 year old club at no more, lots of figures have been banded about Trevor, but I know for a fact that Andrew Green, the Agombar accountant, and Lonsdale himself were arguing between whether it could be £700K or £750K."
Finally Owens asked Keyte whether he regretted selling to Agombar given 'you said it's not the vicar coming to buy the football club' and it was obvious he wasn't going to pass the FA's fit and proper person test.

"Well it was more about the case that the previous directors had decided to call it a day and he was the only person that came forward."


47 Westfields Tickets Remain Unsold

Just 47 tickets for tomorrow's Midland Premier League match between Westfields FC and Hereford FC remain unsold.

They will be available on the gate at Westfields from 1pm tomorrow.

Strictly first come first served.

Hot food will be available from 1pm along with an ice cream van and the bars will open from the same time.

The Lads Club bar will be open from 9am just up from Westfields' ground. They do have limited car parking available at £2.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

News Round-Up

Jonathan Brown has signed for Merthyr Town after returning from a spell in Thailand. The winger is currently awaiting international clearance after his time at Custom United. Mickleover Royals have resigned from the Step 6 East Midlands Counties League after just four matches. They were leading the table, having won all four games, after winning their Step 7 league last season. No reason has yet been given for the move.

Alvechurch have resigned striker Dimitri Dunkley, who played 24 times for the club last season, while Rudy Misambo has left the club and joined Continental Star after not playing a game this season. Coleshill have signed defender Remi Bell from Redditch. The youngster was previously with Birmingham City's Football and Education programme.

Newport's Supporters Trust has told fans they need to raise a minimum of £225,000 to take over the club. More than £500,000 of debts were outlined to supporters in a meeting on Thursday night, with repayment deals stretching up to eight years. The Exiles owe more than £50,000 in rent arrears on Rodney Parade to be paid back at £7,500 for each of seven forthcoming home matches, while £3,000 a month will be paid to former chairman Les Scadding for 100 months. 

Fixture Change – September 12th

Hereford FC’s opponents for the September 12th home game have changed.

Due to Stourport Swifts’ victory in the FA Cup today they are no longer available for the date. They are replaced by Boldmere St Michaels, who we were originally due to play at Edgar Street on February 20th.

Tickets for the new fixture are now available to buy online –

Replay For Westfields

Westfields FC drew their FA Cup-Tie with Kidsgrove Athletic 1-1 this afternoon.

The replay will be next Wednesday.

Despite the replay the game against Hereford FC on Monday afternoon will go ahead.

Meanwhile reported Hereford FC target Jamie Willets scored for Stourport Swifts in their game this afternoon. Stourport won the FA Cup match 1-0 over Alvechurch, meaning their trip to Edgar Street on September 12th will now be postponed for the next round of the Cup.

Jamie Willets scoring for Stourport. Pic - Ian Walford.

Fixture Change – January 1st

Hereford FC can confirm that the scheduled away match at AFC Wulfrunians, originally scheduled for Friday, January 1st, will now be played on Saturday, January 2nd.

More details on the fixture will be announced closer to the time.

Westfields – Details For Supporters

Hereford FC travel to Westfields’ allpay.park home on Bank Holiday Monday.
The match is all ticket, with little more than 100 tickets remaining on Saturday morning. They will be on sale from Westfields on Saturday afternoon.
Supporters are advised to park in their normal parking spots for home matches. Westfields’ car park is for players, coaching staff, and match officials only. Other car parks belonging to the Lads Club and HFA are also out of bounds to supporters.
Two turnstiles will be open at the main entrance to the ground from Widemarsh Common. A third turnstile will be open on the Moor Walk footpath. All turnstiles open at 1pm.
Programmes priced at £1 for 20 pages will be available from the sellers located at the turnstiles.
Bars and Catering
In addition to their usual clubhouse bar and catering facility, Westfields have a burger van in place which will be open from 1pm. A temporary bar will also be available near to the pitch. All alcohol will be served in plastic glasses only.

Midland Premier League Review

This review of the weekend games comes from the Midland Football League Newsletter.

Only one game on Saturday as Brocton host Bardon Hill. The Badgers got their season underway in midweek and will be looking to back that up against a Bardon hill side who themselves will want to bounce back from a 6-1 defeat at Quorn. 

Cup replays permitting, there is a full fixture list on Bank Holiday Monday. Leaders Stourport Swifts host Coleshill Town in what promises to be an entertaining game. 

All eyes in the City of Hereford will be on Allpay Park where Westfields will host neighbours Hereford in an all-ticket sell out. 

At the top of the table, Alvechurch take on Highgate United at Lye Meadow while Shepshed Dynamo travel to Hillsfield to face Rocester still searching for their first league points of the season. Heanor Town will be hoping to maintain their 100% records as they host Dunkirk whilst AFC Wulfrunians will expect to get back in winning ways when they face pointless Continental Star at Castlecroft. 

Loughborough University will be looking to get their first points of the season when they travel to a Quorn side that have won their last two after a slow start. Elsewhere, Brocton have their 5th home league game of the season against Long Eaton United. Boldmere St Michaels will be looking for back to back wins when they face Walsall Wood; and Coventry Sphinx will be favourites to beat Bardon Hill at Sphinx Drive.

Most Important Game We've Ever Hosted Say Westfields.

With no game for Hereford FC today, all eyes now turn to Monday when the recently formed club travel the 500 yards or so to Westfields for a Midland Premier League fixture.

Andy Morris, the chief executive of Westfields, says a lot of work has taken place to try and ensure everyone can enjoy a 'cracking game'

'Westfields v Hereford FC is certainly the most important game that we have ever hosted at allpay.park in view of the interest from the general public, supporters, sponsors and above all players and management,' Morris told BN.

'I’m sure both teams are anxious to get 3 points as both have started slowly with high expectations from both clubs at the start of the season.

'However, as I’ve said many times this league is incredibly competitive and most teams are capable of beating each other in the league and therefore it’s going to be a very interesting afternoon.

'Naturally a large number of players from both sides know each other and it will be a keenly contested game and a traditional and high tempo local derby.

'Certainly off the field Westfields have done everything possible to make sure every avenue is covered from Health & Safety and from the spectators’ point of view everything we hope will go successfully as we have made arrangements with additional food outlets, extra programmes, pop-up bar, tea and coffee stations and really we have done all we can to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable afternoon and is able to watch a cracking game.

'Naturally both sets of players and committees will want their team to win and that’s what both teams are out for is 3 points.  I just hope all the supporters who have made this a capacity crowd enjoy the day and above all enjoy a cracking football match.'

Meanwhile Westfields have confirmed that if their FA Cup game is drawn this afternoon then the replay will be on September 2nd. 

Finally Westfields have announced the signing of a young striker, Ekene Amadi. He was recently by Luton Town last year and is now at Hartpury College. He is brought in with ex-Bull Marcus Palmer having suffered a back injury last week.

There has also been a change between the sticks, with summer signing Andrew Delve being replaced by Sam Lewis. Lewis is a lecturer at Hartpury. Defender Darren Berry, another summer signing, has also left the club.

Friday, August 28, 2015

118 Westfields Tickets Remain Available

Westfields FC report that the limited number of remaining tickets for Monday's game against Hereford FC which are unsold will be on sale tomorrow at allpay.park during Westfields' FA Cup tie v Kidsgrove Athletic.

The match kicks-off at 3pm but tickets will be on sale between 2pm and 5pm.

Presently 118 tickets remain unsold from the capacity gate of 1,825.

Hereford Awaydays - The Longest Trip

Saturday 05th September

The Longest Trip


The Town Ground £6-00 Adults ...£3-00 Concessions 

Programme £1-50

Coach has a toilet etc

Pick Ups

ROSS - ON - WYE - Cantilupe Road 09-30am

HEREFORD - Radfords 10-15am

LEIGH SINTON - Opposite shop on A4103  10-45am

WORCESTER - Whittington M5 Junction 7  - 11-00am

Price just £15-00 each 


Text only Reg - 07958 176 937 
State Name - Pick up - number of seats required

Farnborough Face Another Relegation

The Ryman League have told Farnborough that they must pay creditors in full by the league's next AGM or face relegation.

In a statement, the league says the club must pay a total of £1,254,263 to creditors in their CVA by the 2016 AGM or be demoted one division in accordance with the rules.

The club say they will not comment until they have received notice of the penalty in writing, but one club official took to Twitter to call the decision 'bizarre'.

The Cherrywood Road outfit is now able to start playing, facing Lewes this Saturday, after having a series of matches postponed this season.

Willets: "Nothing Set In Stone"

Jamie Willets says he has not decided whether to join Hereford FC after the club put in a seven day approach for the defender.

The Stourport captain told his Twitter followers:

UITC Training Camp

Photos from a UITC Training Camp which took place at their Belmont Abbey Training Facility yesterday ahead of the new Junior Premier League season
Under 13s Coach Steve Saunders with his players
Coach Liam Brewer with some of his Under 15s squad
Football Development Officer and Under 12s Coach Laura Davies
Newly appointed Under 13s Assistant Coach Dan Chance & Gareth Davies, Football Consultant with Under 13s team
Coach Dan Emery with his Under 14s players


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stourport Announce Bulls Willets Approach

Stourport have announced on their website that the Bulls have lodged a seven day approach for their captain, Jamie Willets.

The big defender starred as the Bulls were beaten at Walshes Meadow in the first away match of the season.

Prediction League Round 5

Round 5 points have now been collated and added up. Full details of points and current table can be found at

Round 6 sees Hereford travel to Westfields and for this round it's the last match of August, so it's a double points round. 

Predictions to be sent before 2:30pm on Monday to

News Round-Up

Adrian Foster has been sacked as manager of Frome Town after just over 18 months in charge. The Southern League side were third bottom after five games this season, having just avoided relegation last term. Theo Robinson is on trial at Hiberian following his release from Doncaster. Now 26, Robinson ended last season on loan at Scunthorpe.

Telford have appointed Hednesford manager Rob Smith as their new boss to replace Steve Kittrick. Smith, who managed the Bucks for four years until 2010, is joined at the club by assistant Larry Chambers. Kenny Lunt has been promoted to be manager of the Crewe youth team. He previously assisted Alex Morris, who moves up to their u21 squad.

Westfields Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

Tickets for the Westfields versus Hereford FC match which is set to take place next Monday, kick off 3pm, will be on sale at Edgar Street tomorrow (Friday).

They will be available from reception between 10am and 4pm.

Please note cash sales only.

200 remain to be sold.

Hereford FC Match Sponsorship Package

Hereford FC are looking for match sponsors for all the remaining home games this season.

The club has released some details of these packages.
‘Our Match Sponsorship package is based on a table for eight people (we can be flexible) and is priced at £320 plus VAT. The package includes:
  • A two course lunch (or dinner for a midweek game)
  • Two complimentary bottles of wine and access to a fully licensed pay bar
  • Executive seats in the Directors’ Box for your guests
  • Complimentary match programme for each guest
  • Half time refreshments
  • The chance to vote for a Man of the Match and have it announced over the PA system and on the electronic scoreboard
  • A post match photo on the pitch with your chosen Man of the Match
  • Having the Match Sponsor details in the match programme and on the Hereford FC official website
‘In addition to the Match Sponsorship package, we can also offer hospitality tables at each Hereford FC home game and these can be secured for £240 plus VAT – again based on a table for eight people.

‘The package includes the same benefits as the Match Sponsorship deal, aside from the opportunity to choose a Man of the Match and have a photo taken with him after the game.

‘All these packages offer guests a great day out at Edgar Street so please do get in touch if you’d like to enjoy our matchday hospitality this season.

Anyone, group or business interested please contact the club on 01432 268 257, or at

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Edgar Street Receives Full Premises Licence

Hereford FC have confirmed that they have received a 'full premises licence' for Edgar Street.

Until today the stadium has been functioning on temporary licences.

It is hoped that with the licence sorted the club can book more functions at the club.

Meanwhile as well as the football, the price of a cup of coffee was a talking point at the ground last night.

Several supporters felt that at £2 for a plastic cup this was overpriced.

Second Half Pictures

Pictures from the second half of last nights match against Coleshill Town at Edgar Street.

John Mills comes closes but the keeper saves well
Hereford try to get a shot on target from a corner
Page gets a shot away but it goes over the goal
Pablo tries to create an opportunity

Purdie is taken down inside the box resulting in a Hereford penalty
Purdie scores the penalty

Higher Gate Than Expected

Supporters In The Queue At 7.45pm
Last night's gate of 2717 at Edgar Street was higher than most supporters estimated going by those who entered the Bulls News Prediction League.

There's little doubt that the management of Hereford FC was also surprised.

The kick-off had to be delayed by ten minutes to try and get everyone in the ground.

It's also reported that the club ran out of programmes.

Articles on BN and elsewhere tried to encourage supporters to purchase their tickets in advance but obviously that didn't happen.

Steps therefore need to be taken to increase the number of ticket booths.

In many ways it's a nice problem to have but it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the excellent Hereford FC Action site has a lot of video from last night's game: 

Update: Hereford FC chairman Jon Hale has admitted that the club needs to take note of the problems that occured last night.

"I would, however, reassure our fans that we will be reviewing how our ticketing arrangements worked last night as we do not want another situation where we have to delay a kick off. It was the right thing to do against Coleshill to ensure the vast majority of our supporters were in the ground, but we will not be looking to repeat that decision.

"In addition to the above, the size of the crowd also meant that we did not order enough programmes for the game. After the Dunkirk match we were left with quite a lot of programmes so last night we went back to previous evidence that suggests around 1 in 4 spectators buys a match programme.

"Sadly that left us short of programmes last night, but there is a fine line between not printing enough programmes and being left with quite a number and losing out financially."

Full Interview:

Bulls Drop Two Places

Hereford FC have dropped two places after last night's Midland Premier League fixtures.

1 Stourport Swifts 4 4 0 0 11 2 9 12
2 Highgate United 5 3 2 0 9 4 5 11
3 Shepshed Dynamo 4 3 1 0 8 4 4 10
4 Heanor Town 3 3 0 0 8 2 6 9
5 AFC Wulfrunians 4 3 0 1 8 3 5 9
6 Alvechurch 4 3 0 1 8 6 2 9
7 Long Eaton United 3 2 1 0 7 1 6 7
8 Sporting Khalsa 4 2 1 1 10 6 4 7
9 Coventry Sphinx 4 2 1 1 5 2 3 7
10 Lye Town 4 2 0 2 11 5 6 6
11 Quorn 4 2 0 2 8 7 1 6
12 Hereford 5 2 0 3 13 13 0 6
13 Walsall Wood 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4
14 Coleshill Town 4 1 1 2 10 15 -5 4
15 Westfields 4 1 0 3 6 10 -4 3
16 Brocton 4 1 0 3 5 9 -4 3
17 Dunkirk 3 1 0 2 5 9 -4 3
18 Boldmere St Michaels 4 1 0 3 4 8 -4 3
19 Bardon Hill 4 0 2 2 4 12 -8 2
20 Continental Star 3 0 0 3 2 8 -6 0
21 Rocester 4 0 0 4 3 11 -8 0
22 Loughborough University 3 0 0 3 1 9 -8 0

MFLP Alvechurch 2 - 1 Lye Town
MFLP Boldmere St Michaels 1 - 0 AFC Wulfrunians
MFLP Brocton 3 - 0 Rocester
MFLP Hereford 4 - 5 Coleshill Town
MFLP Highgate United 1 - 1 Sporting Khalsa
MFLP Loughborough University A - A Heanor Town
MFLP Quorn 6 - 1 Bardon Hill
MFLP Shepshed Dynamo 0 - 0 Coventry Sphinx
MFLP Stourport Swifts 4 - 2 Westfields