Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Statement From Agombar

Tommy Agombar
Former owner of Hereford United football Club, Mr Tommy Agombar, has issued the following statement following the errant publishing of recorded material claimed to be involving him.

The claims made in the whole article are false and totally refuted by Mr Agombar.

The recording purported to include him and others is entirely false and he wishes it to be made clear that it is absolutely not his voice being heard.

He is very disturbed that someone has produced this recording wrongly claiming that it is him.

He also wants to make clear that he intends to find out who the people are that produced this recording, and also the person/s behind the web blog that have published this grossly inaccurate material, in a manner calculated to produce the result that people would believe this recording to be him.

This episode along with a number of others making spurious claims regarding Mr Agombar and Hereford United have now been passed to Lawyers acting on his behalf and will be pursued vigorously.

Mr Agombar wishes to make clear to those individuals or groups carrying out these actions that they will be identified, and the appropriate legal sanction/s instigated, including involving the Police where possible.

Response from SaveEdgarStreet Blog To Lonsdale's Anger

SaveEdgarStreet have responded to Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale anger at the 'social media campaign that is being conducted against (us)'

'For The Record'

The blog is run by a team of fans. We only publish articles that are well researched and factually correct. Our team meticulously research data for all of our stories. This is passed onto our report authors for use on the site. The vast majority of the information we have made available is already in the public domain. Our researchers have simply mined this data and our authors have repackaged it for our audience.
We have been in receipt of the voicemails for some time. We received them anonymously. We spent a number of weeks assessing their validity. Seeking evidence about their origin. Speaking to other supporters who also received calls, texts and voicemails. It was only when we were absolutely satisfied they were genuine that we prepared them for release. We did not want to damage our credibility if they were later proved to be a hoax. We even went as far to email a copy of the released message to Andy Lonsdale on 7 November 2014. We asked for his views. Andy declined to comment. We also note that yesterday’s statement did not deny the validity of the voicemails. Make of that what you will.
Tonight we invite Andy to respond to one question:
Do you deny the voices on the recording are Tommy Agombar and yourself?
We await legal correspondence from the club. Nothing has been received to date. As it stands our point of view is that we are within the law. If we are not we will correct this straight away. We did not set up this blog to cause trouble. We set it up to tell the truth. If the Club reports the blog to the Police we will be happy to help them with their enquiries. We will also be happy to discuss the full content of the voicemails with them.
It’s interesting that Lonsdale is crying wolf about family details being included on our blog. Perhaps he should have thought twice about asking his wife and daughter to front insolvent companies for him if he didn’t want this to happen. Their names have only been published because of their business connections to Andy. All of this data is in the public domain for anyone to access with the patience to look for it.
Whilst it is every husband and fathers right to protect their family maybe Andy should think about the families that he has hurt. £9m of company debt from Mr and Mrs Lonsdale will have hurt and possibly bankrupted many individuals over the years with their unpaid bills. What about the hurt he has caused to families nearby to Feltham Arena who have to contend with their properties being flooded as a consequence of the unauthorised waste dumping his company undertook? Perhaps he should think about the young and vulnerable players being attracted to club who are being paid so irregularly they couldn’t afford to pay for their meals in Pizza Hut. Most significantly he should think of the people and families that were bombarded with calls, abuse and DEATH THREATS by individuals connected to the club. It is probably fair to say one or two articles on a football blog come nowhere close to the misery and fear that he and his associates have caused to other people.
If Andy wants to reassure supporters that ‘they are not just here for the development’ then maybe he could explain the council emails we’ve released? Maybe he could explain why Tommy Agombar said ‘I don’t know nuffink about no leases’ outside Brockington on 3 June 2014 when his ‘football consultant’, Andy Lonsdale, had already met with Council officials to talk about the leases on 11 May 2014? Maybe he could ask club owner Alan McCarthy to talk to fans at a Fans Forum rather than staying continually silent. If he really wants to reassure fans then he should consider satisfying the clubs creditors as he has continually promised since June. Even sacrosanct football creditors are still awaiting their cash.
There are many more things we could say but we will save them for another day. We will continue to shine a light on the goings on at Edgar Street. We have many stories ready to release and many others being researched. We will report anything that is relevant. We will not be cowed by bullies.
It is 48 hours since the ‘the greatest cockney rip off’ was released to the world. Since then over 3,500 people have listened to the clip online. Many more thousands have heard it on BBC Hereford and Worcester. There is more to come. Watch this space.
We appeal to all Bulls fans to stay UNITED. We must continue to work together to do what it takes to oust the current regime. As a group we are powerful. Lets continue to work together So we can get our club back and #SaveEdgarStreet.
Andy would do well to remember: football without fans is nothing.
Freetown Kudos

On behalf of the Team

Chesham Stop Bulls Run

Hereford United's run of six games without dropping a point came to an abrupt end this evening at a wet Chesham where they were defeated by three goals to nil.

Manager Jon Taylor was forced into two changes from last Saturday. Amick Ciani and Dan Sullivan took the places of Bilal Yafai and Javia Roberts who both received an injury in the game at Frome.

Chesham took the lead in the seventh minute through Bell. 

On 58 minutes Brown doubled the home team's advantage.

A few minutes later Taylor made a triple sub with Bradley Williams, Kone and O'Neil taking to the field.

Then on 89 minutes Pearce made it 3-0.

Hopefully BN will have more from the game later but as neither the Hereford Times nor Bulls News had anyone at the game, the source will be from Chesham.

Update 9.45pm: Chesham have mentioned Hereford keeper 'Luke Williams who made countless saves to keep them in it.'

Hereford XI: Williams, Yorweth, Cutajar, Hawker, Gascoigne, Gordon, Vetier, Bobes-Gilroy, Diop, Sullivan, Ciani

Subs: O'Neil, Kone, Onyeike, Williams, Fortnam-Tomlinson 

Attendance: 232

After tonight's results Hereford are in 12th position with 29 points from 23 games so half-way through the season.

Roberts And Yafai Miss Chesham Match

Hereford United will be without both Bilal Yafai and Javia Roberts for tonight's away game at Chesham this evening.

Both suffered injuries at Frome last Saturday.

Club Due to Speak to Solicitor Today

Hereford United were due to speak to a solicitor today about claims that certain messages said to have come from former owner Tommy Agombar. (See

Yesterday club chairman Andy Lonsdale spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester and denied the messages were anything to do with Agombar.

Presenter Andrew Easton started the item thus: 'Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale says he and others running the club are victims of a smear campaign and today has denied allegations that former owner Tommy Agombar left an abusive message on a fans fans voicemail.'

Lonsdale said they were taking legal advice concerning that particular allegation.

It was further reported that they were planning to speak a solicitor (today).

"(We are) angry about the social media campaign that is being conducted against (us)," said Lonsdale told H&W.

"I could understand if we had raped and pillaged the club but we've done everything we can to keep it going and have ploughed money into it.
"We've done nothing wrong and aren't stripping any assets.

"Our families are also being targetted on social media.

"It's disgusting."

Scrutiny Statement Due Tomorrow

The statement from the chairman of Herefordshire Council's Scruntiny Comittee is now expected to be released tomorrow.

It's expected to release details of an investigation into recent 'dealings' between the Council and Hereford United.

SaveEdgarStreet Team To Issue Response

The team behind the SaveEdgarStreet blog say they will issue a response to the club's statement later tonight.

On Twitter they stated yesterday that they emailed club chairman Andy Lonsdale two weeks ago about the voicemail allegations, receiving no response despite having received answers to previous messages:

From The Archives - The Last Time At Chesham

Hereford United play at Chesham this evening in a Southern League match. 

For a detailed preview see:

It's twelve years since the teams last met and that was in the FA Trophy. The first game was drawn but in the replay at Edgar Street the Bulls won 4-0.

Here's a look back:

Bulls cling on for dear life

Chesham United 2 - 2 Hereford United

Hereford United were lucky not to be eliminated from the FA Umbro Trophy at the third round stage today as Ryman League side Chesham United forced a 2-2 draw at their Meadow ground.

The Bulls had to endure a late period of Chesham pressure and it was only down to some astute goalkeeping of Matt Baker that the Conference hopefuls got away with a draw.

Hereford made two changes to the side that drew at Forest Green Rovers last weekend. The suspended Scott Goodwin was replaced in midfield by Ian Rodgerson, who made his three hundredth competitive appearance for the club, and Jimmy Quiggin dropped to the bench as Gavin Williams returned after injury in attack. Chesham, managed by Bob Dowie, named former Hereford attacker Paul Fewings in their starting line-up, and he partnered the highly-rated Wayne Andrews up front.

The cup tie started with the two sides appearing pretty even over the opening few minutes. Wayne Andrews tested Matt Baker after five minutes following a mistake by Tony James in defence, and six minutes later player/coach Phil Robinson fired an effort wide from the edge of the box concluding a good team move by the visitors.

Paul Fewings fired wide on sixteen minutes as Chesham attempted to find an early goal, and a minute later Ian Rodgerson lobbed goalkeeper Delroy Preddie at the other end - but also lobbed the crossbar. Chesham's Lee Spiller smashed an effort wide before the deadlock was broken after twenty four minutes.

A pass from Robinson released Gavin Williams on the left hand side and the Welshman proceeded to round the goalkeeper before, from an acute angle, knocking the ball past two defenders on the line to hand Hereford a slender but vital advantage.

The goal livened up proceedings in a cup tie that had been entertaining to watch and both Paul Parry and Phil Robinson tested Preddie in the Chesham goal before the home side broke free. With ten minutes of the half left, winger Richard Graham knocked a ball past Matt Baker, who had had a mix-up with full-back Matt Clarke, and the advancing Wayne Andrews ran onto it and had the easy task of knocking it into an unguarded net. Chesham had an equaliser which, to be fair, was deserved.

Andrews went close two minutes later when John Shirley allowed him through, but he scraped the effort wide and the scores appeared to stay level at the break until Ian Rodgerson popped up in the last minute of the half. A long ball from captain Ian Wright found Rodgerson who controlled well and volleyed on the turn to net from close range. The advantage had swung back in Hereford's favour.

Bulls attacker Rob Elmes picked up a knock in the first half and was removed at the break, to be replaced by Danny Davidson. The second period was much less exciting for the opening period with Chesham dominating possession but causing few problems for the Hereford back line. In fact, it was Hereford who came closest to scoring on the hour when a corner met Ian Wright on the back post, and his header was cleared off the line by Mark Boyce. A minute later, Gavin Williams shot over but ten minutes later, Chesham fought back. Paul Fewings' header was caught by Matt Baker on the far post on seventy minutes, and just two minutes later the scores were level. Chesham broke on the counter attack following a Hereford corner and Fewings lobbed the ball over the advancing Baker to equalise.

The closing eighteen minutes were extremely tense. Hereford looked lost and will have been pleased just to get off the pitch. Chesham, on the other hand, played wave after wave off attacks that tested Baker and the nerves of everyone in the ground. Paul Fewings and Wayne Andrews tested Baker's reactions on seventy eight minutes before sustitute Victor Boyle-Renner knocked a ball through Paul Parry's legs for Baker palmed it away. A minute later, Chesham's last real attack saw the ball drop to Andrews, but he couldn't capitalise on the opportunity.

The relief on the faces of everyone to do with Hereford United was evident to see when referee Mr. F. Graham blew for full time. The Bulls would have had few complaints had Chesham found a late goal but they clung on for a replay, which will be held at Edgar Street on Tuesday night, kick off 7.45pm.

No one player for the Bulls deserved the man-of-the-match award. There were mistakes from each of the four members of the defence, as well as goalkeeper Baker, whilst the midfield and attack didn't perform sufficiently to eliminate a side supposedly of lower grading. Had one not known which league Chesham played in, they could have been excused for thinking the teams were on a level par.

The tie was superbly entertaining for a neutral but frustrating in different ways for those involved in the sides competing. The Hereford support probably made about half of those in the crowd of 831.

HUST And Local Scaffolding Firm Help Hinton FC

This from HUST:

HUST are pleased to say that they have helped Hinton FC by sourcing some scaffolding poles to add to their Broomy Hill site.
HUST Hinton 1
HUST Board member Mick Loader with Alan Watkins of C Jones Scaffolding and Graham Andrews of Hinton FC at the UITC match last Wednesday
Following a request for help from Hinton Chairman Graham Andrews, committee member Mick Loader was able to source a number of 3 metre scaffolding poles that will help Hinton to stop their footballs escaping their ground during games.
Having already sourced netting donated by Cargill for the task, the Broomy Hill side asked HUST if they could source the poles to hang the netting from, and Mick was able to use his extensive contacts to call on Alan Watkins, the Business Development Manager of C Jones Scaffolding, to get hold of the poles free of charge with the company also delivering the poles to site without cost.
HUST continues to support the local football pyramid, without which there would be no ability to sustain a professional club within Herefordshire. Over the past six months HUST have supported eight local sides with Fans Team games, sponsorship, and promotion that builds the grassroots base of football in the area and strengthens the foundations that Edgar Street can stage professional matches upon and enhances the opportunities for local footballers to progress to the professional game.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Statement From Hereford United

The following statement from Hereford United was released earlier this evening.

The Chairman, Directors and related Club Officers wish to make the following statement.
The last week has seen an increase in abuse and unfounded and inaccurate allegations against the above Officers of Hereford United FC. The weekend just gone has seen an increase in such abuse, particularly involving family members of the above Officers.

We have as a new Board tried to be as patient as possible hoping that as the season progressed and clear evidence became available for the supporters that we are not 'just here for the development' that these issues would calm down and common sense and decency would prevail.

This has unfortunately not been the case, indeed without mentioning a number of issues directly, it is obvious that the campaign of derogatory publications and subsequent distress caused to certain individuals is increasing.

This has left us with no alternative to seeking recourse through legal means.

We as a Board therefore give notice to those behind these campaigns that we have collated and passed on to our Lawyers where appropriate, and the Police where required, a number of complaints in consequence of this behaviour.

Prize Bull Draw 27

This from HUST:

Prize Bull draw No.27 took place on Monday night. The winning numbers are 8, 11, 19, and 24. Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot.

HUST Press Release

This from HUST:

The Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) is deeply concerned that, with just a week until Hereford United return to Court for the 11th time this year, there has been little sign of the investment promised to the Court five weeks ago.

The Club Chairman, Andy Lonsdale, told supporters in a statement on November 7th to the club’s official site that “We as owners have secured investment”. On November 11th, a piece in the matchday programme stated “we have investment almost secured”, but there have been no further public statements since with the clock again ticking down.

HUST have repeatedly called on the club’s Directors and Owners to issue a clear public statement regarding the future of the club, a call reiterated when Andy Lonsdale rang HUST’s Vice Chairman on Thursday, and a call we again make today.

The whole fanbase of the club would dearly love the side they have supported through generations of their families to continue. This can only happen through substantial investment like the one continually promised by Andy Lonsdale.

We call on Andy Lonsdale, and the owners of the club, to urgently make a clear and concise statement on the ownership of the club and the pathway to clear debts in time for next Monday and move the club towards future prosperity.

Full Time Vacancy At HFA

Herefordshire Football Association is seeking to recruit a full-time Football Development Officer.

The role encompasses the following areas:

National Game Strategy delivery;- 
  • Growth and retention - increasing and sustaining player participation.
  • Raising standards - creating a safe and positive environment.
  • Running the game - leading and governing efficiently.
  • Better players - developing better players.
  • Workforce - developing and delivering a robust workforce plan for coaches, young leaders and volunteers.
  • Facilities and Investment - working with the Football Foundation and other investment partners to support improved facilities stock in Herefordshire.
You need to be passionate about and committed to the development of football in Herefordshire.

To apply; email your application form, CV and a covering letter setting out how your skills and experience meet the needs of the role, marked "Private and Confidential" to: Jim Lambert at or send your application marked "Private and Confidential" to:- The Chief Executive, Herefordshire Football Association, Ted Powell Building, County Ground, Widemarsh Common, Hereford HR4 9NA.

Closing date for applications: Monday 8th December 2014.
Interviews will take place: Wednesday 17th December 2014.

Please note that if you have not heard from us by Friday 12th December 2014, you should assume that your application was unsuccessful on this occasion.

News Round-Up

Ex-Bull James McQuilkin is 'fighting for his life' after signing for Torquay. Boss Chris Hargreaves told the BBC the midfielder is not being paid by the Gulls, but is trying to keep his footballing career going: "He's a good footballer, got a great attitude, played before at a good level and is fighting for his life, which is why he's at Torquay. We are able to say to him 'we can't pay you, but what we can do is get you on the football pitch'."

Northwich Victoria have had their winding-up petition dismissed after paying their outstanding HMRC bill. Worcester City's FA Cup match at Scunthorpe United has been made all ticket after Worcester sold out their 2,200 allocation of tickets. The Irons say they cannot give them more tickets without segregation problems.

Council Statement Later Today

It is being reported that the Chairman of the Herefordshire Council Scrunity Committee will make a statement, probably later today.

This statement is expected to be about Hereford United and recent dealings with the Council.

Freedom of information requests from supporters have revealed some quite detailed e-mails to and from council staff.

Update 10pm: Cllr Jim Kenyon has tweeted that 'Cllr Bowen scrutiny chairman told me to expect a statement about Hufc and council involvement'???

What's In It For Lonsdale?

Guest columnist Moorsfan questions whether Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale is allowed to receive any money from being chairman of the club.

Ever since Andy Lonsdale was appointed as a Director of the 1939 company I have wondered, what is in it for him?

For years one particular provision in the company's Articles of Association was effectively ignored, and that could well have been because of ignorance. But just before the proposed CVA the matter was given wide publicity, so it is not possible to claim ignorance now.

Simply, Directors of the 1939 company are not allowed to be paid remuneration! So why is Andy Lonsdale involved with the company? What possible benefit does he hope to get for the work he is doing?.


O'Reilly Joins Bishop's Stortford

Daniel O'Reilly, who recently quit Hereford United because he said he hadn't been paid, has joined Bishop Stortford.

19 year old O'Reilly, a former Fulham youngster, has captained the Irish under 15, 16 and 17 teams.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Greatest Cockney Rip Off has posted an article suggesting that Hereford United 'owner' Tommy Agombar has called his takeover of the club as 'The Greatest Cockney Rip Off'.

It includes recordings of Agombar speaking to supporters.

Hereford By Numbers 'Fact Sheets'

WeWant OurClub have produced these 'fact sheets' detailing their view by numbers of what is happening at Hereford United.

Jamie G Interviews Rob Purdie

Former Bulls press officer Jamie Griffiths did an interview with UITC u18 boss Rob Purdie after Wednesday's HFA Giantkillers match.

The interview is available at

Companies House End Dissolution Proceedings

Companies House have discontinued dissolution proceedings against Hereford United.

A 'DISS40' document was recorded yesterday halting proceedings. With the Annual Return still listed as being outstanding, it is currently unclear why the matter has been closed.

While the moves against Hereford United have ended, the moves against Scrooby Ltd and Alpha Choice Finance were only suspended following an objection which came from David Keyte.

Chris Todd To Release Cancer Charity Single

Chris Todd Applauding Hereford United Supporters After Victory At The Racecourse In November 2012
Former Hereford United player Chris Todd is to release a single.

He has recorded the track, Save Me, with his brother-in-law Tom Watson, and hopes the proceeds will benefit the charities that helped him in his fight.

Todd was diagnosed with leukaemia when aged 28 five years ago.

“This is no ordinary charity single, it’s about cancer and the battle to survive," Todd told Wales Online.

“With the help and expertise of Tom we have managed to get my words and feelings into song. We hope this single will touch many who are facing the every day battle against cancer and we hope it could make a big difference.”

To find out more, follow @savemesingle on Twitter.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Whose Shirt Are You Wearing?

It's not known why Hereford United had problems with their kit today but it certainly caused the Frome PA announcer some problems and perhaps the referee as well.

In essence it appears that Hereford didn't have a number 12 or number 13 shirt available.

Yafai Wearing 10

Minutes Later Sullivan Wearing 10
So when Dan Sullivan came on to replace Bilal Yafai he had to wear the same no 10 shirt.

Later the same happened when no 8 Bobes-Gilroy came off. On came Bradley Williams wearing No 8.

Frome FC's match report mentioned the 'shirt problem'.

Mor Diop was also instrumental in the third goal that arrived a minute later and his pass found found substitute Dan Sullivan on the edge of the Frome box and he scored the goal of the game as he curled a beauty into the far top corner of Chitty’s goal - at least we think it was Dan Sullivan as Hereford seemed not to have any substitutes shirts, and there were three shirts on the pitch that finished the match on the backs of different players to the ones that had started the match in those shirts 

Bulls Win At Frome

Captain Brad-Lee Gasgoigne Leading Out The Hereford Team
Hereford United defeated Frome Town 3-1 this afternoon at the Blindmans Brewery Stadium.

Manager Jon Taylor made one chance bringing in loanee Joshua Yorweth at right back in place of Obi Onyeike who was dropped to the bench. Dan Sullivan was also on the bench after being cup-tied and another loanee from Cardiff Bradley Williams also came into the squad.

Former Hereford United youth player Dylan Bonella was on the bench for Frome.

Not for the first time this season there appeared to be some sort of a problem with the Hereford kit as the numbers of the back of several players didn't correspond with the team sheet and when Yafai went off Sullivan, who took his place, was wearing a shirt with the same number on it.

Later when Bobes-Gilroy was replaced by Bradley Williams the announcer said "Hereford substitution with number 8 Gilroy replaced by ummm number 8 who could be anyone" 

Frome took the lead with just a minute gone after a mix up between keeper Williams and Yorweth. Lewis Haldane made no mistake from about 15 yards.

Injury To Yafai
Hereford were in more trouble ten minutes later when Bilal Yafai received a knock to his ankle. Initially he played on but soon had to leave the field. Dan Sullivan took his place.

Then Javia Roberts netted after a free-kick but it was ruled off-side.

Joshua Yorweth Getting Past Several Defenders Before Scoring
On 22 minutes the scores were levelled when a Yorweth strike from 18 yards flew past keeper Darren Chitty.

Dan Sullivan With A Chance
Minutes before half-time Sullivan had a chance to put the Bulls head but his shot went a yard or so wide.

More injury problems for Hereford just before the break when Roberts was replaced by Amick Ciani.

Hereford played down the slight slope for the second half but it took nearly 40 minutes before they went ahead.

In the meantime Bradley Williams replaced Sam Bobes-Gilroy.

Serge Mor Diop - Pictured Early In The Game
On 84 minutes Hereford took the lead when top scorer Serge Mor Diop was in the right place at the right time when a ball fell to him with only the keeper to beat. The big French striker has now scored eight goals in the teams last five games.

One minute later it was 3-1 to Hereford.

Mor Diop passed the ball to Sullivan who then scored a with shot from well outside the box.

Hereford are now in 10th position in the table with 29 points from 22 games.

Attendance was 265 with around 50 following the away side. However there was no sign of either of the three directors or 'owner' Tommy Agombar.

Hereford: Williams, Yorweth, Cutajar, Hawker, Gasgoigne (Capt), Gordon,Vetier, Bobes-Gilroy, Mor diop, Yafai, Roberts.

Subs: Sullivan, Williams, O'Neil, Onyeike, Ciani

Ex-Bull Watch

Gary Hooper scored a late equaliser for Norwich as they drew with Brighton. Andy Williams scored for Swindon as they won at Peterborough. Matt Done scored for Rochdale but was subsequently sent off as they lost at home to Doncaster with Theo Robinson netting the second.

Tom Nichols scored twice as Exeter beat Shrewsbury. Kenny Lowe netted twice as York won 3-1 at Hartlepool. Stuart Fleetwood scored a penalty for Eastleigh as they won at Aldershot. Waide Fairhurst scored late on as Macclesfield beat Alfreton. Richard Brodie scored as Southport won at Nuneaton.

Ryan Bowman scored twice, including an injury time equaliser, as Torquay drew with Gateshead. Marley Watkins scored for Inverness as they beat Motherwell. Jake Jervis scored for Ross County as they lost at St Johnstone.

Ex-Bull Jones Fires Westfields To Vase Win

Former Bull Craig Jones netted a late penalty to earn Westfields a 2-1 win over St Andrews in their FA Vase Second Round tie.

Craig Jones slots home from the spot. Pic - Steve Niblett
The scores were level at half time after Mike Tambling's opener was cancelled out by St Andrews' Shay Brennan. A half time scuffle as the players departed the field threatened a feisty second half but it was decided by a late penalty due to a handball to send the bulk of the 202 attendance home happy.

Westfields earn £1,500 in prize money and a place in the Third Round as one of 64 remaining sides.

However Pegasus Juniors will not be joining them. They went down 3-1 at Brockton in their Second Round tie, having had a man sent off.

UITC Thank HUST / Prize Bull Jackpot Over £1,000

This from HUST:

UITC Thank HUST For Sponsorship

4-0 win sees Rob Purdie's side travel to Bromyard in next round

Just over £300 was raised by UITC from Wednesday's HFA Giantkillers Cup win over Malvern Town, with HUST sponsoring the cost of the hire of Hinton FC's Broomy Hill ground and the match officials.

UITC will be visiting the Childrens Ward at the County Hospital on Friday, December 19th, and are looking for further donations for the trip especially chocolate selection boxes. If you would like to donate they can be handed in to the Custodian at the Town hall on St Owen Street, where they will be kept safe for UITC to collect.

HUST Beanie Hats selling well, more Mugs on order

Around half the HUST Beanie Hats have already been sold. The hats, with the HUST logo embroidered, are available in both Black and White for £8 each from the online shop -

We are also awaiting a new batch of HUST branded mugs after the first batch sold out in a week. We have doubled the order and hope to have them back in stock soon.

If you have suggestions on other merchandise you would like to see, please let us know.

Prize Bull Lottery - Jackpot over £1,000

This week's jackpot on the Prize Bull Lottery is over £1,000. For £1 a week (£4.33 a month by standing order or Paypal) you can win the jackpot by correctly identifying the four numbers picked at random each Monday.
Draw results are announced on Twitter, the HUST website, and on Bulls News.

To get your place in Monday's draw you can enter online at
Entries must be in by 7pm on Monday to be eligible for this week's draw.


22nd November 2014.

Friday, November 21, 2014

McQuilkin Joins Gulls

James McQuilken At Edgar Street In September 2010 - Andy Compton Photo
Former Bulls midfielder James McQuilkin has joined Torquay United on non-contract terms.

The 25 year old left Edgar Street in the summer of 2013 after four years, spending a season at Walsall in League One before signing non-contract terms with Hednesford in September. 

He joins up with former Bulls teammate Ryan Bowman, who has netted five goals in 16 appearances so far this season.

From The Archives - Leeds Bow Out To Super Bulls

It's seven years to the day that Hereford United put Leeds United out of the FA Cup.

A solitary strike from Lionel Ainsworth was enough for Hereford United to see off Leeds United at Elland Road yesterday evening, and send the Football League form side out of the FA Cup. Ainsworth, on a high from his weekend hattrick against Stockport, struck three minutes into game and United held on until full time to claim a deserved away victory at the fallen giants.
One change was made from the starting eleven last Saturday, with Lee Collins unable to feature, after he hadn't signed for Hereford by the first leg. Good news though was on hand, as Dean Beckwith was given the nod at centre back following just over a month on the sidelines. Richard Rose converted from centre half to full-back. Leeds named Frazer Richardson at right back, whilst Tresor Kandol shrugged off an injury to partner Jermaine Beckford up front.
The one and only goal of the game came early in the first period. Theo Robinson picked up the ball outside the box, and forced a pass into the path of Ainsworth. The winger controlled in the box, and placed a quick-fire shot past the helpless Kasper Ankergren, who stood motionless. The travelling army were sent into raptures, whilst there was a shocked silence from the home supporters. Leeds had the majority of the early possesion, but the goal had given United confidence, and they were showing it. A through ball by Toumani Diagouraga to Robinson caused yet more problems for the Leeds defence. Robinson gathered before going around Ankergren, but the angle was too tight for him to finish from, and Paul Huntington cleared to safety off the line. The following corner was cleared as far as Robbie Threlfall who tried his luck from long range but to no avail.
Leeds made a response though to the flying start made by The Bulls, with Seb Carole's half-volley being deflected wide off a defender. From the corner that resulted from it, Kandol rose well to head downwards, and Wayne Brown was forced to make a save. The ball though fell lose, before finally it was smashed to safety. Beckford looked a danger with his quick-feet and pace, but his finishing didn't match his build-up play, with a long range effort falling wide off Brown's post. The pressure continued to pile, and a well worked corner routine led to Carole curling an effort just over the bar. Jonathon Howson's deep cross was met by towering defender Matt Heath, but once again, Brown gathered with relative ease. Leeds were creating, but not coming close, and in truth, Hereford were pretty comfortable.
More link-up from Diagouraga and Robinson led to the latter finding space, before shooting, but his shot was wayward and ended up at the back of the Don Revie Stand. There was also good link-up from the Leeds front two, with a Kandol flick leading to Beckford shooting, but once again, Brown frustrated the former Wealdstone man by pushing away the strike. Hereford's best chance in the first half to double their advantage fell to Robinson, after sloppy play in the Leeds defence. The excellent Ben Smith, who gave a captain's performance with his hard-work, seized upon a loose pass and played in Trevor Benjamin. The experienced striker used his intelligence to play a ball across to Robinson, and give him a great chance, but he dwelled on the ball, and when he finally got his shot in, Ankergren made the save. Leeds were forced to sub off Ankergren just minutes after though, as he pulled up whilst clearing the ball; David Lucas was the replacement goalkeeper. Both sides had half chances from set-pieces, with John McCombe and Kandol heading wide at either end.
As expected, Leeds made a quick start to the second half. Clint Easton made a sloppy pass, and Beckford picked up the ball on the right wing before cutting in, and shooting towards the near post, but Brown got down well to hold on. Robinson continued to look dangerous, with a snap-shot after a quick turn gave him the opportunity. Kandol's height was causing problems for Hereford, but likewise Beckford, he couldn't match it with his finishing. An awful header from a Huntington cross gave relief to the away defence. Rose and Easton both tried their luck from long-range, but neither shot caused trouble for Lucas, whilst Leeds continued their direct route but both McCombe and Beckwith were looking solid. Dennis Wise opted to shake things up though, with Leon Constantine coming on for the ineffective Ian Westlake.
Despite the early pressure, United had soaked up the pressure, and were looking good on the break. An interesting corner routine from Ainsworth and Easton led to the goalscorer shooting from a tight angle, but Lucas held on. Smith's neat through ball also gave a chance, this time to Benjamin, but a powerful shot was once again gathered by Lucas. Constantine headed over from a Howson corner, before the sub nearly made a telling impact. He found space in the middle of the park, and burst towards goal before slipping in Beckford. The Elland Road faithful rose in anticipation, as Beckford had a great chance to equalise, but Brown stood tall to beat away a powerful, yet poor finish. Pacey winger Curtis Weston replaced Carole, but Leeds failed to muster up too many chances. Beckford tried his luck from long-range but shot well wide, whilst only a poor touch from Robinson enabled the Leeds defence to catch the striker when through on goal. Kris Taylor made a cameo appearence for a tired Easton. With three minutes of added time signalled, Kandol tried to become a hero and save the game with a long-range shot, but the ball fell a long way wide, and Hereford held on to claim a fantastic win.
The win doesn't hold as much novelty value as some previous ones in the FA Cup, but it is very special. Leeds, the biggest side in the Football League, and one of the biggest in England, failed to break down a wonderful Bulls defence in front of 11315. The Football League form side failed to match a confident Hereford side, intent on playing quick counter-attacking football. Man of the match could have been one of many, but Smith was particulary impressive in the middle of the park. Up next in the cup is Hartlepool, and a win against the Northerners could leave Bulls fans dreaming of a tie against a Premiership side. However, intentions needs to be put back to Saturday's match against Accrington Stanley at Edgar Street, where United will look to continue their impressive recent league form, and keep up the pressure on table toppers MK Dons.
Hereford: Brown, Rose, Beckwith, McCombe, Threlfall, Ainsworth, Diagouraga, Smith, Easton, Benjamin, Robinson.
Subs: Ingham, Gwynne, Taylor, Johnson, Guinan.
Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Heath, Huntington, Parker, Carole, Howson, Hughes, Westlake, Kandol, Beckford.
Subs: Lucas, Clapham, Elliot, Westo, Constantine.

Town Hall Taking Donations For UITC Hospital Visit

The Town Hall in St Owen Street will be accepting donations towards the UITC visit to the County Hospital Childrens Ward.

The visit is now set for Friday 19th December, with UITC seeking donations of chocolate selection boxes and Santas to be handed over on the visit.

Donations can be taken to the Town Hall and handed to the Custodian.