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Friday, May 25, 2018

Eustace Leaves Kidderminster


Former Hereford United player John Eustace has quit Kidderminster.

He is to become Steve McClaren's assistant manager at QPR. 

"I said when we appointed John that he was a remarkable coach who would go on to have a terrific career in this side of the game so the fact he has been sounded out by such an established manager and a huge club is no surprise," said Kiddy chairman Colin Gibson.

“Steve McClaren knew John well as a player but believes he’s also one of the finest young coaches he’s come across and was determined that he be part of things at QPR – quite simply it’s the ethos of this club that we won’t stand between hard-working, ambitious people and those kinds of opportunities.”

Blandford Fly Bites

Given the expected warm weather this weekend (it's pouring down here as at lunchtime today) Herefordshire Council has issued a warning about the Blandford Fly.

Herefordshire is set to bask in warm temperatures this bank holiday weekend, and residents and visitors are being reminded to protect themselves against the Blandford Fly.

The Blandford fly is a 2 to 3mm bloodsucking black fly, which lives near areas of water and gives a particularly nasty and painful bite.  The fly normally bites ankles and legs, as it flies low to the ground and is most common during May and June.

Healthcare professionals have advised that bites can be preventable if the correct precautions are taken.

There have also been cases of people who have been bitten booking appointments with their GP. While the bites can be uncomfortable, a visit to your GP is usually unnecessary, and your pharmacist should have all the advice and products you need to reduce discomfort and avoid infection.

Karen Wright, Director of Public Health for Herefordshire, said: “As the weather starts to get warmer, it is likely that we will see more cases of Blandford fly bites across the county. 

“We encourage people to take precautions if they’re out and about on our rivers and streams, especially over the forthcoming bank holiday weekends, by covering up and using a good quality insect repellent.  If you do get bitten, it can often feel very uncomfortable with swelling, blistering, joint pain and sometimes a high temperature.  However, there’s normally no need to visit a GP. 

“If you do feel unwell after a bite, please call NHS 111 or visit your local pharmacy for advice on how to ease your discomfort.  For the majority of people, the symptoms will only last a few days before clearing up.”

Dr Mike Hearne, Medical Director at Taurus Healthcare Ltd, said: “The Blandford fly tends to cause quite a severe reaction on the skin with prominent swelling and discomfort resulting in significant numbers of people attending their GP surgery or A&E for advice.

“Prevention by covering up is ideal, but if you do get bitten, follow the advice on the NHS choices website about ‘bites’: elevation of the limb and a cold compress are really important to reduce the swelling. An antihistamine may also help. Often people are concerned about infection, which normally presents with a large red area (often 10cm or more) which appears to spread. This may be associated with a fever or feeling generally unwell.

“If you are concerned about a bite, please phone 111 or your local GP surgery, and only attend A&E if it is clearly an emergency.”

For more information, read the NHS advice.

News Round Up

AFC Telford United have confirmed they will remain part-time with chairman Andy Pryce in no rush to make the switch to full-time. In a statement Pryce said the club's current level of income and investment means it's not possible. The club have however introduced a training session on a Monday morning which they say will allow Gavin Cowan and his management team valuable extra time to work with the new squad. 

Hereford say they are backing Dementia Awareness Week and have been working with Alzheimer’s UK to provide a safe environment for Bulls fans living with Dementia. General Manager James Watts told the official site the Disabled Supporters Association is growing all the time he's pleased with the positive reaction so far.

Former Bulls player Alex Harris has become Cinderford Town's first signing of the summer. Harris was released by the Bulls in January before joined neighbours Westfields. In a previous spell at the club, he was named their Player of the Year and also set a Southern League record for the most clean sheets. 

Kidderminster Harriers defender Fraser Horsfall will be in international action this weekend with England C. The Three Lions face the Football Association of Ireland Amateur XI in Dublin on Sunday, May 27th. This will be Horsfall’s second appearance for the Paul Fairclough’s squad, having featured in a 3-2 victory against Wales in March 2018.

There will be an opening meeting where Nuneaton Borough Supporters Co-operative are to set our their plans to buy the club to secure its future. It's the groups' 'Plan B' option after their attempt to form a consortium with 'interested' local parties failed. Chairman Lee Thorn has already announced he plans to sell the club and its ground.

Alfreton Town have released 13 players, but recently-installed manager Billy Heath has already made 11 new signings. Former Hereford players Luis Morrison (2014/15), Chris Sharp (2013-2014) and James Baxendale (2012) are among those released.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bulls News Prediction League & GDPR

Changes to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are due to come into force on 25th May 2018.
In order that BNPL compiles with the regulations an email titled ‘BNPL: Changes to GDPR’ was sent to all 2017/18 entrants earlier this week. 

It is important that you reply to the email to ensure you receive future emails from BNPL.

If you wish to continue to receive emails from, then please check your inbox and reply asap. If you do not respond to the email BNPL will not be authorised to include you in future correspondence.

Once BNPL receives your reply we will send you a confirmation email.

2018/19 Entrants: If you did not enter the competition for the 2017/18 season but are considering doing so for 2018/19 then why not take the opportunity now to register your team username by emailing me at

Thank you and enjoy the summer.

Beadle Says He's Disappointed With Budget For Next Season

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has told the Hereford Times that he is disappointed with the budget he's been given for next season.

He says that it's proving difficult to do agree new deals with several players including Ryan Green, John Mills and Pablo Haysham.

"What they're asking for isn't massively unreasonable for what they have achieved but we just can't meet it with our budget," said Beadle.

"I'm disappointed with the budget as there is very little to reward the players who have won promotion with us. It's what we have to work with and we can't sacrifice the team for one or two players. If we give them extra then we have got to take money from other places.

"Ryan (Green) is the same and he has been here a long time and is a stalwart. We are also in a position where we can't get close to what he is asking for. I think the three are asking for the going rate for this level of football and we can't match that demand.

"It's now a waiting game to see what they decide to do. It's not ideal for me as I want the three of them here but my hands of tied with them three. "We are also still waiting for Will (Puddy) and Elliot (Richards). It has been a tough couple of weeks as for what the players have achieved unfortunately I've not be able to reward them with what they deserve but it's what I've got to keep working with." 

Beadle is hopeful season tickets sales will go well which will help with the budget but he has warned that he can't currently compete with some of the wages being paid.

"It looks like we will have to find one or two rough diamonds to bolster what we've already got. For me that's not ideal as I want to continue the momentum but I think it's going to be the toughest year yet in a division where teams are paying players between £600 and £900 a week and we can't compete with that." 

RadioHerefordFC Smartphone App

This from RadioHerefordFC:

RadioHerefordFC is proud to announce the release of its new Smartphone App. The initial release is for Androids and is a free download from the Googe Play Store. Simply search for Radio HFC . The Apple App has also been designed but takes longer to register. We will inform you when it is available to download.

Hay Festival Starts Today

Hay Festival starts today with a schools programme and from 1pm the annual Hay on Earth Forum.

Later this evening singer songwriter Jake Bugg is appearing. As of last night there were a few tickets remaining unsold for this event. 

As ever if you are driving to the Festival please consider parking at Car Park At Hay In Aid of Macmillan which is operated by Bulls News and Car Park At. Sat Nav is HR3 5 PL

The car park is the closest to the Festival and will open at 8am this morning and close at around 11pm. It will be staffed at all times.

Once again Dorstone based Pips Cider will have a stand at the car park and the Courtyard production of the 'The Goal' which be promoted.

Parking costs £7 (£5 after 6pm) and you can re-enter at any time by showing your ticket. 

Please note if you are coming to the Festival this weekend, give yourself a little extra time as we are expecting to be quite busy.

Throwback Thursday | Hereford United 1-0 Tamworth - 17h April 2006

Daniel Carey-Bertram with the only goal as Hereford United clinch a play off place.
Line Up
Craig Mawson
Simon Travis
Alex Jeannin
Tamika Mkandawire
Dean Beckwith
Rob Purdie
Andy Ferrell
Jamie Pitman
Nicky Nicolau
Stuart Fleetwood
Daniel Carey-Bertram
Attendance 2,809

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Beadle Offers Deals To Three More Players


Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has offered deals to three more players.

They are Ryan Green, John Mills and Pablo Haysham. 


He has also confirmed that he will talk to Jimmy Oates and Jennison Myrie-Williams on their return from holiday.

Jon Taylor - Audio Interview

The series continues tonight with the last ever manager of Hereford United. Taylor was in charge when the club was liquidated on the 19th December 2014.

Find out :

*Why, despite a boycott and supporter unrest he took on the manager's job
*How he got on with Tommy Agombar & Andy Lonsdale
*Was their any outside interference in team selection
*Was the signing of Harry Agombar on loan from Swindon Jon's decision
*Why were the players staying overnight at the ground
*How hard it was to motivate the team during the boycott
*Were him and the players paid any outstanding monies
*What does he think of Hereford FC
*Plus lots more

Kings Langley Thank Hereford For Award

Kings Langley Chairman Jeremy Wilkins has thanked Hereford FC fans for helping his club win an award entitled the FSF Away Day Experience of the Year Award.

"I am absolutely buzzing," said Wilkins.

"We are only a small club and always try to make everyone feel welcome."

Hereford visited on the club on the first day of last season and a number of them voted for Kings Langley.

"Our first game of the season was against Hereford and a large number of supporters were expected," explained Wilkins.

"We decided to push the boat out and really made sure that Hereford fans were made to feel welcome."
Kings Langley FC were this week named as hosting the best away-day in non-league football as the club were crowned the inaugural winners of the Football Supporter Federation’s Away Day Experience of the Year award.

Read more at:
Kings Langley FC were this week named as hosting the best away-day in non-league football as the club were crowned the inaugural winners of the Football Supporter Federation’s Away Day Experience of the Year award.

Read more at:
Kings Langley FC were this week named as hosting the best away-day in non-league football as the club were crowned the inaugural winners of the Football Supporter Federation’s Away Day Experience of the Year award.

Read more at:

Nuneaton Town Owner Wants To Sell

The owner of Nuneaton Town FC, Lee Thorn, wants to sell the club and has released a statement about what's led up to his decision.

Late on Monday night I was informed that the Nuneaton Town Supporters Cooperative were not able to put together any offer for the football club and its Liberty Way home. I was very disappointed to hear this as I really wanted them to take over and make it a community and fan run club.

Two options were presented to the Coop:

Option 1 to buy the club and stadium at a figure supplied to them.

Option 2 to rent the stadium on a long-term lease which satisfied the competition criteria, based on an, under market value, rental figure (this option included taking over the clubs trading debts).

At no stage was any financial information requested by the Coop regarding the running costs, trading debts, or any other costs involved in taking on a club of our standing.

The last few weeks have also proven that there is not a group of local businessmen waiting in the wings to invest in this club. They have had a chance to come forward and talk to me, yet none have taken it.

The Coop have shown, for a second time under my four-year tenure, that they are not able to take over the running of the club either.

Since taking over at the club I have had to fight battle after battle to keep the club going. People inside the club have tried to sabotage it, people outside have tried to undermine it and people who want to cause the club to fail have tried to turn the town, and Boro fans, against the club for their own ends.

I have fought hard for over the past four seasons for a club that I have grown to love, but it has taken a toll and I'm now tired of the fight.

I told members of the Coop about my intention to step down as Chairman and sell the club prior to my planned announcement. I did this to allow them time to prepare and plan, so they could spring into action when the announcement came.

I also informed them that the application to change the club name, back to Borough, had been successful and when I had planned to announce it.

However, the Coop, for their own reasons announced those two things the day before I was going to, which made any statement from the club pointless.

This meant our contracted players, employed staff, sponsors and fans found out from the Coop, rather than officially from the club, this alone created a huge amount of turmoil and uncertainty.

This action has damaged relationships between the club and some sponsors, maybe irreversibly, and could cost the club thousands of pounds in lost sponsorship.

Prior to this I had not spoken to anyone about sponsorship for the coming season because I wanted to give the Coop a clean slate and a chance to earn as much money as possible upon taking over.

I had also not set season ticket and admission prices, as I wanted the Coop to be able to set the prices they wanted, if they were to take over.

Now it is clear they cannot table a serious bid, I must move on, as does the club. Other offers have been tabled which we hope to progress now that a line can be drawn, once again, under the Coop’s ambitions.

The club must meet certain conditions to fulfil our licence to compete in the competition. We had three things to tick off to enable this to happen, we now have one item outstanding.

It is not my intention, at this time, to re-enter the club, and I hope that a new owner is found as soon as possible, so that the work required to start the new season can commence.

Two More Players Agree Deals At Hereford

New Deal For Calvin Dinsley
Hereford FC have reported that two more players have agreed new deals with the club.

Martin Horsell and Calvin Dinsley bring the total of players signed up for next season to ten.

Meanwhile as expected Jack Deaman has not been offered a new deal.

Manager Peter Beadle said that for whatever reason it hadn't worked out for Deaman. 

Later Beadle spoke to the OS about the new deals.

First Dinsley:

"Calvin had a very disruptive 12 months last year, even before he came to us, but when we released him, the long-term plan was always to get him back.
"We told him to go away and get himself fit and hopefully, he’s had his spell of injuries now and he can get a good pre-season under his belt. He wants to put the last 12 months behind him and really kick on now."

Martin Horsell
Second Horsell:

"‘Horse’ always wanted to stay with us, he really enjoys it here, but he wanted to have a think about the offer due to the distance he’ll be travelling next season.

"He went away over the weekend, gave it some thought and came back quickly to say yes."

Beadle also said he hoped that Will Puddy would also sign as the two keepers get on well together.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hereford FC Clarifies Position Re UITC

This from Hereford FC:

Hereford FC has today announced that in the future it will have no direct link, relationship or association with United in the Community (UITC).
Speaking to the official website today, Chairman Ken Kinnersley has set out the rationale behind what has been a very difficult decision,

‘It is with considerable regret that the Board of Hereford FC issues this statement today.
‘Having explored all avenues over the past three years, and in the face of various public statements from UITC, the club’s Directors have concluded it is now in the interests of both parties to issue a statement to clarify the position.
‘This will ensure that everyone understands the situation clearly and means Hereford FC can refocus on its plans for the development and continuation of youth and community football in Hereford.
‘As a club, when the time was right it was always our intention and ambition to operate a comprehensive youth football and community engagement programme directly under the Hereford FC brand.
‘To advance this aim, Hereford FC has engaged in talks with different Chairs of Trustees of UITC over the past three years, the objective being to regularise the relationship between the two organisations to bring them closer together.
‘Our principal aim has been to secure a voluntary agreement with the UITC Trustees that would see the relationship between UITC and the club returned to the same position included in the UITC Articles of Association that were in place prior to the winding-up of Hereford United Football Club in December 2014.
‘Those Articles, in particular paragraphs 25 and 25.1, set out the ‘right’ of Hereford United Football Club (1939) Ltd. to nominate up to three Trustees to UITC, the intention being that the football club retained overall control of the Charitable Trust that was operating in its name.     
‘This was the principal aim because the ‘rights’ as provided by the UITC Articles prior to the winding-up of Hereford United Football Club in December 2014 became ‘null and void’ on its liquidation, as legally Hereford FC is a totally separate entity and not a successor to the original company. ‘The Hereford FC Directors have always been of the view that it was inappropriate for the club to sanction the management of youth and community football to a separate organisation, especially taking into account the associated safeguarding rules and regulations, under circumstances where it had no control, or even influence, over that organisation.
‘In late 2016, following what initially appeared to be positive discussions, a formal proposal from the club to regularise the position between the two organisations was subsequently rejected by the UITC Trustees. In the complete absence of any indication from UITC at that time, or since, that the Trustees were willing to engage in meaningful discussions, this vitally important issue remained unresolved.
‘Then, in late November 2017, the UITC Trustees issued a unilateral Board statement giving 30-days’ notice of their intention to cease involvement in the management of the HFC youth teams and setting out their intention to cease all community operations by the end of the 17-18 football season.
‘However, in light of a more recent statement from UITC about a possible realignment of their aims and ambitions, the Hereford FC Board believes that by issuing this statement now, it will remove any possible misunderstanding that any association, relationship or understanding exists between the two organisations.
‘On behalf of the Hereford FC Board, I would like to wish United in the Community all the very best with their plans for the future.’

Bulls Add Newport To Preseason Schedule

Hereford will entertain League Two side Newport County in a preseason friendly on Saturday 21st July.

Newport will be no strangers to Hereford, but it's been five years since the side last met. In March 2013, the Exiles beat the Bulls 3-2 at Edgar Street shortly before they won promotion back to the Football League at the end of the season.

Manager Pete Beadle says it'll be a tough game, but it will give the Bulls a taste of what's to come.

Beadle told the official Hereford FC website: "Newport are a decent side who had a great run in the FA Cup last season, they finished in the top half of League 2 as well so will be tough opposition. Mike Flynn has done a great job there, and we can expect to be up against a decent side.

"You play different teams for different reasons in pre-season, and with Newport hopefully they’ll give us a taste of what we can expect in the coming season, and that is a higher intensity of football for longer periods of the game than we’ve been used to over the past three seasons.

“With them being a league club, and not too far away distance wise, hopefully, they’ll bring a number of travelling supporters as well."

The club say they hope to announce two more home friendlies over the coming weeks.

A look at the preseason schedule as it stands:
Sat July 7: Melksham Town (A)
Tue July 10: Cirencester Town (A)
Sat July 14: Sporting Khalsa (A)
Tue July 17: Evesham United (A)
Sat July 21: Newport County (H)

Beadle Continues Talks With Players

Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle will continue to talk to players about their futures with the club this week.

Several players have been away on holiday and Beadle will speak to them on their return.

Last week he made offers to three players, Martin Horsell, Will Puddy and Eliot Richards which they are considering.

To date the following players are signed for next season - Keyon Reffell, Lance Smith, Mike Symons, Jordan Liburd, Mike McGrath, Harry Franklin, Jamie Bird and Billy Murphy.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Hereford Supporter Sang At FA Cup Final

A Hereford supporter was one of a chosen group of fans selected to sing Abide With Me at last Saturday's FA Cup Final.

This morning Andy Boucher, whose singing talent probably came from his father Danny Lee, told BBC Hereford and Worcester about his day at Wembley.

"It was amazing, absolutely amazing," said Andy.

"A once in a lifetime thing for me to sing at Wembley and represent my team Hereford FC.

"I had a message from one of the directors at the club, Martin Watson, and he said that the events manager at the FA had been in touch and wanted someone to represent the club.

"So they thought of me, a lifelong supporter and also a bit of a singer as well.

"I think I did the job.

"I got a great seat not far from the dug-outs, pretty much in with the Chelsea fans.

"The game wasn't the best in the world.

"I would have preferred Hereford to have been there, probably been a better game as well.

"I saw 'Motty' and also Ronnie Radford."

News Round Up

Hereford FC say that over 550 season tickets have now been sold since they went on dsale last Monday.

Former Hereford United defender Daniel Leadbitter has been linked with a move to Plymouth. The 27 year old is out of contract at Bristol Rovers in June.

Alvechurch have agreed a deal with Ashley Carter for another twelve months. A report in the Redditch Advertiser suggested that both Hereford and Tamworth were tracking the youngster. 

Tony Cousins who had a spell at Hereford during the 1992/93 season after continuing injury problems at Liverpool has spoken about his time at Edgar Street. "I’ll be honest – I didn’t even know where Hereford was,” he said in a long article in 'the42'.

"But I was so dejected. I felt I had to go and play. There’s only so much reserve team football you can get. So, it was a four-and-a-half journey down there. I played a month and, y’know, you say stuff like, ‘Jaysus – why did I go down there?’ But someone said it to me when I finished up, ‘You’ve played in the English league, the FA Cup, the Uefa Cup, the old European Cup’. Those are things that not a lot of people can say. It’s only when you’re older and in company – unless you’re up in Tallaght and standing next to Damien Duff and you have to keep your mouth shut – it hits you. It’s a lot more than somebody else. Sometimes you can feel sorry for yourself but there’s no point. I was the lucky one. Some never get the opportunity to play at those levels.”

Andy Williams Joins Northampton

Former Hereford United striker Andy Williams has joined Northampton from Doncaster on a two year deal.

Williams started his senior career at Edgar Street and has now scored over 130 goals to date.

"I am delighted to make Andy our first signing of the summer," Northampton manager Dean Austin told the club's official website.

"We said that we needed to add more goals to the team, and Andy has a proven record of scoring at both League One and League Two level and not only does he know where the back of the net is, he brings a wealth of experience too.

"We also spoke about recruiting characters, and Andy is certainly the right type of character. He is a very good professional, he plays with his heart on his sleeve and he will offer invaluable experience for the young strikers we have in the squad.

"He has excellent movement and he is a fine finisher. He also has experience of winning promotion from League Two recently and that is important.

"We had to move quickly to tie this deal up, there was a lot of interest in Andy but we are delighted we have been able to bring him to Sixfields."

HFA - Aylestone 3G Facility Update

The Herefordshire Football Association (HFA) is disappointed to announce that they will no longer be pursuing their Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) project in partnership with Aylestone School.
Whilst it is unfortunate that the city, especially the school and nearby colleges, will now not reap the benefits of this development, the HFA can offer reassurance that it remains committed to delivering a much-needed facility that the community of Herefordshire can access in the near future.
The HFA has looked at several sites over recent years to address the county’s desperate need for more AGP pitches, with Aylestone School being the most recent site. Officers will now look for potential new sites, as well as re-visiting previously explored projects, to assess if their viability has changed.
The number of postponed matches and training sessions in the past season alone has clearly evidenced the requirement for further AGPs in this county.
The HFA has previously explored a number of options prior to the Aylestone project, including the likes of Aylestone Park and the Racecourse, all of which had serious constraints preventing their development. A partnership with Aylestone School would have enabled the facility to be utilised in the day as well as evening, which would have been a major asset to the children of the school and surrounding ward.
It is therefore disappointing that the opposition of a small number of vocal, local residents – who were sharing incorrect information to support their complaints - has prevented the development of a facility which would have benefitted a huge number of children and adults in the city of Hereford.
While this outcome is a major frustration to HFA and Aylestone School, as well as the wider football community of Herefordshire, the HFA remains focused on finding a location to deliver this project as a part of our commitment to the Football Association’s national plan, which highlights the desperate need for more facilities of this kind in our county.
The Herefordshire Football Association and Aylestone School would like to thank the huge number of people who offered their support for this project, having seen what a positive opportunity it was for both organisations and, more importantly, the community as a whole.

New Mini Moo's Sessions

This from UITC:

NEW MINI MOO’S SESSIONS - children aged 18 months to 4 years old 

Fun football/multiskill based sessions for all abilities! 

Central Park, Field Grove View, Hereford HR1 1AW
Wednesday 6th June – Wednesday 11th July
12pm – 1pm (outdoor)
Widemarsh Children’s Centre, Widemarsh Common, Hereford HR4 9NA
Thursday 7th June – Thursday 12th July
1:15pm – 2:15pm (indoor)
Saxon Hall Putson Community Centre, Hoarwithy Rd, Hereford HR2 6HE
Friday 8th June – Friday 13th July
11am – 12pm (indoor) 
£2.50 per session or £12.50 for all 6 (at same venue). 

A different fruit and veg for the children to try each week 🍇 🍉 ⚽️

Sunday, May 20, 2018

News Round-Up

UITC Girls team completed their fixtures for this season with a 6-4 win over Whitchurch at Central Park earlier today. The victory means that they finished a very creditable second in the Under 18 Gloucester FA Girls League.

Hereford FC Season tickets can be purchased from the club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week all between 10am and 4pm. They can also be purchased online at

Former Hereford United captain Luke Graham was a unused substitute for Brackley in the FA Trophy final at Wembley today. Brackley won the game on penalties.

Cefn Druids defeated Cardiff Met 1-0 in the Europa League Play-off. Former Hereford FC captain Joel Edwards was in the Met team.

Dave Morris | Audio Interview - Hereford United Archive : Episode 9

Dave Morris is tonight's guest. Signed from Bournemouth in February 1993. Dave stayed at Edgar Street for a season and a bit.

Find out:
*Why left the South Coast for Herefordshire.
*Playing in the game which relegated Halifax to the Vauxhall Conference.
*Standing up to Wimbledon's John Fashanu and Vinnie Jones.
*Enjoying the big game crowds at Edgar Street.
*His dramatic late equaliser in a 3-3 draw at Walsall.
*Having to play in goal against Mansfield when Alan Judge was sent off.
*Loving Non-League Football
*Delight in being reunited with former Hereford United players on Social Media

The goal against Walsall is at 28:20 on this footage

Subscribe now

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Andy Ferrell | Audio Interview

The former Hereford United player joins me for a chat. The ex Newcastle midfielder was at Edgar Street from 2005-2007.  He currently works at St James park organising away coach travel for Newcastle supporters.

Find Out :

*How John Trewick was instrumental in him arriving at Edgar Street
*Enjoying playing against Shrewsbury Town
*Which Hereford game he feels had the best atmosphere
*Memories of the Halifax Play Off Final
*What Guy Ipoua bought to the team
*How he found life in League Two
*Praise for Ben Smith & John Eustace
*How former Hereford United manager Martin Foyle supported him in prison
*The great bond the 2005/2006 squad had
*His love for Hereford

Alan Rodgerson - A Tribute

Club Historian Ron Parrott has compiled this tribute to Alan Rodgerson, a Hereford United legend who sadly passed away this week:-
As a 14-year-old and fanatical Hereford United fan, I lived in awe of our new manager Bob Dennison and although he arrived at Edgar Street too late to save us from our first ever relegation in 1963/64, he wasted no time in bringing in new players to strengthen his squad. One of these was Alan Rodgerson, who had played under Bob at Middlesbrough and although he was with Cambridge United at the time, Alan had no hesitation in rejoining Bob at Edgar Street and it was the start of an association with the club that lasted for the rest of his life.
Alan was indeed a gifted footballer, small in stature but a giant in terms of his ball play and passing ability and never before had I seen such skill at Edgar Street. I was star-struck and frequently queued up at the players’ entrance after a game to ask for his autograph, several of these I still proudly have with my programme collection to this very day. Without a doubt, Alan was my schoolboy hero and I never tired of seeing him play. As a player, his conduct was always exemplary, his work-rate was phenomenal and he would get stuck in when the occasion demanded. Alan was a member of the 1971/72 giantkillers’ squad and only injury prevented him from taking his place in the team.
Over the years, I got to know Alan very well and it must be said that he was always a perfect gentleman and always sought me out in the club for a chat before and after a game. His knowledge of the game was outstanding and he had that ability to identify strengths and weaknesses that others failed to see and I’ve always reckoned that he would have made a great coach!
During his two spells at Edgar Street, Alan made a total of 264 appearances and scored 48 goals and the full pen-pic I have for him is as follows:-
Born Eastington 19th March 1939, died Hereford 17th May 2018
Alan started his career and came through the Middlesbrough junior ranks to earn schoolboy international honours before making 13 Football League appearances for Middlesbrough between 1958 and 1960. In his Division Two debut he scored twice in a 4-1 victory at Rotherham United, the scorer of the other two being the legendary Brian Clough. Alan joined Cambridge United in 1961 and helped them to gain runners-up spot in the Southern League in 1962/63. Alan was then snapped up for Hereford United by his former boss Bob Dennison in 1964, at the same time as his former Middlesbrough team-mate Eddie Holliday. A diminutive but clever, scheming mid-fielder, he had two successful spells with Hereford with two seasons at Gloucester City, 1968 to 1970, sandwiched in between, when he helped them secure promotion to the Premier Division of the Southern League. Alan returned to Edgar Street in 1970 but injury prevented him from becoming one of the "giantkillers XI" in 1971/72 and when he returned to fitness, boss Colin Addison loaned him out to Cheltenham Town and the move was made permanent after a month. Alan scored a total of 48 goals in 264 games for Hereford and returned to Edgar Street again in 1973 in a coaching capacity. An electrician by trade, Alan settled in Hereford after his retirement from the game and was a regular visitor to home matches for many years after.

Hereford FC To Launch Women's Team

Hereford FC have announced they are to set up a women's team in time for next season. The team will compete in the Midwest Counties Female Football League.

"We are extremely proud to make this announcement today as our ambition has always been to have our own open-aged, women’s team," said Academy chairman Paul Quarell.

"The successful launch of our academy has given us the impetus and confidence to progress this plan sooner than originally anticipated and we are really looking forward to being involved in the fast-growing women’s game.

"We will begin the recruitment of coaches and players immediately and will obviously be aiming to have a talented squad in place so pre-season training can start in plenty of time for our players to hit the ground running at the start of their first campaign in a Bulls shirt."

Trials will take place next month.

More details at:

Updated Managerial Stats

Earlier in the week, Bulls News published an article from club historian Ron Parrott about the win rates of Hereford managers.

Some readers contacted BN and picked up on a few minor issues with the stats. In light of this, Ron updated the table and for the sake of accuracy the article has been republished.

We're hasten to add that Ron appreciates the corrections and we'd like to thank him for his work.

With negotiations still ongoing with Hereford FC and manager Peter Beadle and his team, it started Club Historian Ron Parrott wondering about just how good Peter’s record really has been and Ron comments 

As a self-confessed admirer of Peter Beadle, I listen to the habitual doubters every season, who seem to think that he’s not up to the job ahead as we progress even higher up the football pyramid. All I can say is let’s have a look at his record compared to previous Hereford managers and see where he stands in history.

The following league table of Hereford’s 26 managers is based on the number of matches in charge and the percentage of victories achieved during his time in charge.

Click on the table to enlarge.

Stats of course can be presented in many different ways to prove any particular point and although my definition of success is based on percentage of games won, you could equally argue that success should be gauged in terms of percentage of games lost, not won. Either way, there is no denying that Peter Beadle is streets ahead on both counts! 

In terms of games won, he has recorded 78.1% against the next nearest on just 55.81% and on the reverse side of the coin, Peter has lost just 10.22% of games played, with his next nearest rival on 25.58%.

Fans often say to me that I’m not comparing like with like i.e. how can you compare John Sillett in the old Second Division (today’s Championship) to Peter Beadle in say, the Midland Premier League? My answer to that is quite simple, in that a manager has to work with the tools that he has available and it’s how he forges those into a successful team that count. In my view, John Sillett working with Terry Paine and Dixie McNeil is no different to Peter Beadle working with Pablo Haysham and John Mills!

To the doubters who wonder whether Beadle (and his team) are up to the challenge of yet another level up, the short answer is that of course they are and they have earned the right to prove it and should be given it without a shadow of a doubt! Personally, I have every faith and truly believe that we could be a contender for at least the play-offs.

Football On Sunday Morning

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UITC's under 18 Girls play their last game of the season tomorrow morning at Central Park, HR1 1AW.

They entertain Whitchurch.

Kick-off is at 11am.

Overnight Work At Edgar Street

Pictures From Ben Bowen
Work has been taking place overnight at Edgar Street.

Head groundsman Ben Bowen has been busy through the night giving the pitch a top dressing.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Latest Award Is Just The Cherry On Top Said Beadle


Earlier this week Hereford manager Peter Beadle received the 'Red Insure Team of the Year' award.

Beadle and his three colleagues had travelled to Chelsea for the National Game Awards in association with SCL.

“To do three promotions on the bounce - we’re really proud of what the club has achieved,” said Beadle.

“To maintain that level on consistency over the years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

“We’ve had fantastic support in the last three seasons. We try to live up to the old philosophies of the old football club. 

“We try to play the way the supporters have been brought up on, so we’ve done that and been successful with it, so we look forward to going into another new division next season and trying to do it all again.

“Everything’s in place now. We have to be careful with what we do regarding how we spend our money because we only spend what we earn.

“We don’t have a benefactor and we have to be careful we don’t go down the route of the old club.

“It’s a fresh challenge and one we’re up for and looking forward to.

“It’s just been a huge year of achievement for us, to be in the room with all these people that have won all these different things throughout the season.

“To be regarded as the team of the year is just the cherry on top.”