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Thursday, December 08, 2016

John Mills Third In Goals Chart


Hereford FC striker John Mills is currently the third highest goalscorer in the Southern League South and West. His goal on Tuesday evening at North Leigh takes his total to 18 to date.

Mills has missed a couple of games recently but is just one goal behind joint leaders Lance Smith of Evesham and Levi Landricombe of Tiverton on 19 goals.

Hereford's Mike Symons is 8th in the list with 14 goals.

Mills and Symons between them account for 32 of Hereford's 57 League goals.

Meanwhile Hereford's attendances are currently averaging 2594. That's after 11 home games.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

AFC Totton Chairman and Vice Resign

AFC Totton have today announced the resignation of their chairman and vice-chairman.

Chairman Andy Straker has been suffering with his health recently, and feels it is best for someone else to take over in the best interests of the club.

Vice-chairman Roy Edwards has been dealing with the increased workload, but a promotion at work means he is also unable to continue in his role.

The Stags would like to thank both Andy and Roy for everything that they have done in recent years. The pair worked well together in 2013/14, steering the club through the financial troubles which they inherited.

Because of the resignations, the club has called a Special General Meeting on Wednesday 21st December at 7.30pm where members can elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

Another Win For UITC Under 18's

UITC Under 18's played Bromyard Town Under 18's this evening.

Result: UITC  3  Bromyard 0

Scorers: Oxley, Young, Scotford

Starting XI:1.Griffiths 2.Clarke 3.Pugh 4.Purrington 5.MacDonald 6.Richmond 7.Oxley 8.Scotford 9.Young 10.Maddy 11.Muirhead

Subs: 12.Lancett 14.M.Davies 15.Hurst 16.Preece 17.G.Hayes

Jim Williams - BDO Darts Player Interview

Herefordshire's Jim Williams faces Tony O'Shea in the 1st round of the Lakeside in January. I managed to squeeze in a Hereford FC related question in tonight's interview.

Plummer Subbed Because Of Tight Hamstring

Hereford's Tristan Plummer who scored a cracker of a goal was subbed late in the second half at North Leigh last night.

"Tight hamstring, heavy going," said manager Peter Beadle

"I thought he put a good shift in, I thought he played well.

"Took his goal fantastically. What a finish.

"All the goals tonight were good goals. All three of their goals were good finishes, I know the one took a nick off Edge's knee. Second one is a great finish, first one also a good finish.

"Then our goals all good finishes. Just needed that last flick of Edge's played through the posts, let one of them knock it in. If you put it out wide of the goal no one is running onto it, they're running around it.

"Like I said at half-time you would have taken 3-3 all day!"

Some supporters felt the referee didn't play enough stoppage time given the goals, cards, injuries, substitutions.

"I won't know because Pablo's had a terrible night and knocked the stopwatch off with four minutes to go.

"When we scored the third goal we still had five or six minutes to go plus whatever there was to add on.

"I couldn't see it because he turned my watch off.

"He's not had a good night, never mind!" 

HFA Christmas Kick About

This from the HFA:

The Slope Made A Big Difference Said Beadle

One of the talking points at Peter Beadle's post match interview was the slope at the North Leigh ground.

"Huge difference," said the Hereford manager.

"I don't think it matters so much on our pitch, I think we do it because of our fans.

"As Salisbury proved on Saturday it makes no difference which way we go first. We tend to play well pretty much for both halves of the game. Obviously going towards our own fans in the second half is a bit of an incentive for the players, there's a bit more of a buzz about the place.

"John and Pablo both have expereience here before and they said they would like to kick up the slope first half and down the slope second half. Which is why we kept it as it was.

"It's a big slope, it's not a small one, it's a huge slope and if you're under the cosh it's hard to get out.

"Saying that I thought we dealt with it quite well first half. The goals weren't because we were massively under pressure, goals were because we shot ourselves in the foot.

"Second half when you are on the charge like we were, it's hard to get out of that half because it is a huge slope and it does play a huge part in the game.

"We dug in tonight and earnt our result.

"Keeper made a great save from Edge in the first and Simmo had a great chance with a header but second half we took our chances and in the end disappointed not to win it."

Mills scored the winning goal when it looked to some as though he might have passed it to another player.

"You weren't the only ones shouting pass it as well!

"I've never come across anything like him in my years of playing, coaching and managing. Don't get me wrong he has his weak side, his back to goal, his passing, his control, pretty much everything!

"But I've never seen anyone finish like him and I've worked, played with some good finishers.

"He's a machine. Eight times out of ten you give him the ball in the box and he'll score and that's the beauty of having him around.

"He's come back and he's desperate to get back involved and play and he's come on tonight and rescued us a point."

Second Selection Of Second Half Pictures From North Leigh

These from the fourth quarter of last night's game at North Leigh.


Hereford Have To Dig Deep For A Draw At North Leigh

Players Celebrate After John Mills Scores Hereford's Third Goal
On a very misty and foggy evening, Hereford FC took on what turned out to be their biggest challenge of the season so far when they met North Leigh away at Eynsham Park in front of a 366 crowd.

Led out by Captain Joel Edwards, the Bulls, as league leaders, anticipated a straightforward match against the Yellows sitting 24 points below on the league table. With only one change to the line up from Saturdays match against Salisbury, Edge taking the place of Purdie who was home ill, and playing in Red & Black Hereford didn't come out of the traps with the same gusto as of recent games that the fans expected.

North Leigh, playing downhill (a 12ft+ drop from one goal mouth to the other!) in the first half seemed to be only fractionally more on the attack than the Bulls opening their chances with a stray cross in the Hereford half for a first shot straight at Harris in goal. Hereford with a chance of a throw in, up the slope but North Leigh have a mission to defend and Hereford can make no inroads. Haysham & Edge working together to try to move the ball into the North Leigh half only results in a throw in down by the right hand corner flag, again cleared for another throw in along the sideline.

A chance for Haysham with a run forward (uphill) and a diagonal shot across the goal takes a deflection and goes wide for a corner which again is cleared back to the centre line, Hereford gaining possession back up the hill through to Edwards but the ball is effectively blocked for a goal kick sending the Bulls back into their own half. North Leigh passing with ease for an excellent build up finally blocked by Green for a corner. The corner is weak and easily cleared for Molyneux on the break up-field, the strong defence denying any chance of a shot and forcing a goal kick. The ball is met by Edge in midfield, finding space to move the ball out to Molyneux, through to Symons giving Haysham a shot but only finds the side netting.

Both teams level of possession is evenly matched as the ball is sent back down the slope into the Hereford half and our for a goal kick by Harris. At this point, there is a delay as Harris is not happy with the ball and after an inspection, the Ref calls for an alternative for play to continue. Hereford keep possession from the goal kick, Edwards with a cross to Symons but is given offside. The ball back down the slope again but a foul 30 yards out opens up the possibility of a shot on goal for Nor Lye, the ball sailing over the top of the 3 man wall and over the goal for a goal kick.

Molyneux now with a chance outside the North Leigh penalty area, the cross once more blocked for a corner, taken by Molyneux across the pitch and thought to have gone out over the line but the Ref waves play on, the ball now with Symons as he heads down towards goal, going wide but lack of pace makes an easy take for the keeper. A free kick minutes later heads deep into the Hereford half and a flick into the area for a goal shot is taken on by Murphy with a driving shot into the corner of the net. GOAL! 20 minutes in and Hereford go 1-0 down.

Hereford reeling from this take possession, Symons with a controlled ball to Haysham, through to Edge who equally drives a powerful shot at the North Leigh keeper, who at full stretch manages to get a hand to it and push the ball away. The game gaining more pace now, Plummer is tripped up in the penalty area but an appeal is waved away for Symons to be brought down shortly after, the free kick taken by McGrath to be headed away for a corner.

Hereford with possession sees Green with a run into the North Leigh half through to Molyneux and Symons but tackled to send the ball back towards the Hereford defence, Fortune 1 on 1 with Gray, a mistake by Fortune 25 yards out, toying with the ball rather than clearing, gives Gray the opportunity to take the ball for a shot into the top corner, Harris at full stretch but the pace is too strong for GOAL number 2. Hereford are now 2-0 down – 36 minutes gone.

Less than 4 minutes later, Hereford still not in control of the match are caught on the hop again with no cover for the ball in defence and a wide open area gives North Leigh their 3rd chance with a curling shot at goal 30 yards out, straight over the defence into the left hand top corner of the net. GOAL! Hereford now 3-0 down just before half time.

Back in the North Leigh half Symons has a kick for goal but slips, the ball having no pace is collected by the keeper. Tension is now starting to build as the players get in each others way, McGrath bringing a player down results in a yellow card. The goal kick to Symons is easily cleared by the defence for an Edwards throw in and cross into the box but is too strong for Molyneux to reach as the half time whistle blows.

HT North Leigh FC 3 – 0 Hereford FC

No doubt with Beadle's voice ringing in their ears from the dressing room team talk, Hereford make 2 changes to the start of the 2nd half.

SUBS: Hereford – Preece & Molyneux OFF Oates & Mills ON

The Bulls now doing what they do best, applying pressure to the North Leigh defence and with advantage of being on the downhill towards goal, they begin to raise the temperature and pace of the game, gaining more possession and better passing than in the first half. McGrath is fouled on the right hand touch line in the North Lye half, the free kick only back as far as the half way line, Hereford driving back into the oppositions half. Gray is down with an injury requiring treatment and a long delay before the goal kick resumes play back into the Hereford half. The ball goes out of play, the throw in quickly taken by Haysham but is called back as the Ref decides to call for the substitution of Gray with James at #16 for North Leigh.

McGrath has the throw in, taken on by Oates to Fortune who sends the ball down the pitch to Haysham, onto Edwards, going out again for a Hereford throw in. Calls for hand ball ignored as the ball floats towards the Hereford defence, forced out to Edge on the half way line, feeding to Plummer who has 2 players on him bringing him down for a free kick, taken quickly. The Bulls creating urgency, reducing the North Leigh players ability to tackle effectively, the ball with Symons and passed to Plummer who from a standing start and no build up produces a superb volley 30 yards out straight into the top of the net. GOAL! Hereford begin the long journey back, now only 2 behind – North Leigh 3 – 1 Hereford

Mike Symons Holds The Ball Up And Passes To Tristan Plummer

Who Scores With A Cracking Shot
Increased energy from Hereford now, better build up and Plummer attempting to force a corner, but cleared back as far as Green, back out to McGrath, cant find Symons, back to Fortune to result in a throw in. Edwards now with a cross to Symons but a push from Symons gives away a free kick. Another foul on McGrath in the North Leigh area, the ball finds Green who strikes for goal only to be brought down on the follow through but not seen by the Ref and waves play on.

Hereford's pace and possession is strong as McGrath feeds into Oates, onto Edge who takes the ball to Mills, North Leigh defence feeling the pressure, Symo is obstructed but again no free kick given. A late tackle on Haysham brings both players down, North Leigh's #5 Hole, runs the width of the pitch and strikes Haysham while still on the ground under the other North Leigh player who is not moving at this stage. The Ref attempts to bring the match under control as frustration and tempers rise. As a result both Haysham and Hole are awarded red cards and sent off. Both teams now down to 10 men.

Add caption

Back in play the Bulls now determined to get the match back on track, power into the North Lye half, Mills taking his first strike for goal but caught by the keeper. Oates on the break feeds to Plummer, out wide to Mills on the right who crosses into the box but nobody there to finish the shot. Hereford gaining more momentum. North Lye players wasting time retrieving and taking free kicks to try and slow the pace down. Ball now back to Green, through Fortune and Plummer for Mills on the break but kicked out. Throw in taken quickly, keeping the speed of pace, Plummers cross goes out for a corner on the right hand side. Taken by McGrath with Edwards sending the ball straight to the keeper. All the action is on the right hand side as Oates makes a run down the pitch to Mills who slices the ball over the goal for a corner.

Ball into the centre of the box but just headed over the bar by Symons for another corner on the same side. A repeat kick in by McGrath again finds Symons in the middle of the crowded box and this time he heads it down into the back of the net. GOAL Hereford now only 1 goal behind at 3-2 with just over 10 minutes of normal time left + injury time.


Hereford on the attack now with a free kick straight at the keeper for a goal kick but the Bulls are beaten in the air and the ball is kicked away by the North Lye defence. The #9 Seacole is shown the yellow card for time wasting. Plummer now has the ball but is obstructed, played on but the Ref brings the ball back for a free kick to the Bulls but is cleared again by North Lye defence, digging deep to retain their lead. The header from Edge is straight to the feet of Oates who takes it on the break, is tackled but wins it back to McGrath to Edwards who spins to Mills out wide on the right. Mills takes the ball into the area, 1 on 1, Symons calling for the pass but Mills forges forward just inside the base line, determination to put the ball in the net and is rewarded with a superb swerving shot around the keeper to even the score. GOAL! Hereford equalise with minutes left on the clock. Score now 3 all.

SUBS: Hereford - Plummer OFF Williams ON

The Bulls, with little time left driving the field now, running rings around the North Leigh defence as the desire for another goal to go ahead in the late stages of the match is high. Oates with a great ball to Williams who expertly holds it to pass to Symons, back to Oates who volleys wide. Green is now in the penalty area adding support to the striking force, back to McGrath, to Oates but headed away for a throw in. A final attempt by North Leigh sees the ball whistle over the the top of the bar off Fortune's header.

Green gains possession, finding Oates, onto McGrath, seeking Mills but comes off Edwards instead for a free kick. Green again forcing the ball back into the North Leigh half to Williams, back to Oates whose cross is headed away back into the Hereford half, now deep into injury time. Mills tries again but the keeper wins the ball for a goal kick. Williams with possession finds Oates, working well together but goes out for a throw in. One last attempt as Green crosses to Edwards who wins a corner. Edge takes the corner but a defender heads the ball away as the final whistle blows.

FULL TIME : North Leigh 3 -3 Hereford FC

Bulls News MOTM
Following a poor performance for Hereford in the first half this was going to be a difficult decision. The second half was a different team with a different attitude and tempo and rewarding the travelling fans and 1000 listeners on Radio Hereford FC to really appreciate the grit and determination the Bulls have to pull the game out of the deep and walk away with a draw and a crucial point to take them 10 points clear at the top of the table. There were lots of sparks of brilliance in the 2nd half, particularly the goals (obviously!) but the game changer was the introduction of Jimmy Oates whose class and pace took the match to a new height and raised the focus of the team.

TEAM: Harris, Green, Edwards (c), Edge, Preece, Fortune, Molyneux, McGrath, Plummer, Haysham, Symons

SUBS: Sinclair, Oates, Barnes, Williams, Mills

Next Match at Edgar Street: Hereford FC v Yate Town - Saturday 17th December 3pm KO

Second Half Pictures from North Leigh

A selection of pictures captured during the second half of last night's eventful game at a foggy North Leigh.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures.

Mike McGrath

Mike Symons

The North Leigh Keeper - Never In A Hurry!

Handbags After Pablo Haysham Has His Hair Pulled

Card For Haysham
And One For Stuart Hole

First Half Pictures From A Foggy North Leigh

A selection of pictures from last night's 3-3 draw at North Leigh. Conditions were quite foggy and the flood lights not the best.

Pablo Haysham

Haysham With A Shot

Jamie Molyneux

Tristan Plummer

Mike Symons

Jamie Molyneux

Mike Symons Claiming He Was Brought Down

Molyneux Can't Quite Connect With A Cross From Haysham

Four Match Ban For Haysham?

Pablo Haysham With His Hand On His Head Whilst Jamie Edge Holds Back A Leigh Player

Hereford FC's Pablo Haysham could face a four match ban after being sent off at North Leigh last night. North Leigh also had a player red carded.

"I thought Pablo's was harsh," said manager Peter Beadle 

"I thought it was a yellow card and I thought their one was deserved a red because you can't run thirty yards and grab someone by the hair.

"There's nothing we can do about it really.

"The referee said to me that he thought Pablo's was two-footed. I don't think it was two-footed, I had a good view of it.

"I thought he was weak tonight spent too much time talking to the players when the ball went out of play, not assert himself but trying to get his point across.

"He doesn't have to, just referee the game, referee it as you see it.

"Too much time talking to them, too much time talking to us and our team.
Peter Beadle TalkingTo The Referee After The Final Whistle

"Obviously if it were a Premier League game with all the cameras I'd like to see it again.

"I thought it was harsh. Yes he has over-run it, yes he lunged but he wasn't off the floor, he was always in control and he got the ball. The lad has kicked it and it sounds and looks worse than it actually is.

"For me I think he's been dealt with harshly"

How long a ban?

"I'm not sure.

"Because it's his second one, it was two games the first time around, it could be a four.

"It's a shame because he's a fantastic player.

"The first one, the first sending off he got we thought was harsh so we'll have to take it on the chin and get on with it."

The Proverbial Game Of Two Halves Said Beadle

Mike Symons Scored Hereford's Second Goal
In his postmatch press conference, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle felt last night's 3-3 draw at North Leigh was 'the proverbial game of two halves'.

"I said to the players at half time that we hadn't played that badly and we had found ourselves 3-0 down but they had had three shots, the third one took a deflection, awful mistake for the second one, poor defending for the first one. They took their chances.

"We hadn't played that badly and what we needed to do was be more clinical in the final third and stop trying to be so pretty at the back. Sometimes you have to put your foot through it. We want to play the right way but sometimes you can't, you've just got to defend properly.

"I said to them if you get the first goal, they will get nervous especially with the slope and then if you can get another one who knows and in the end we could have won or just nicked it or quite easily have won the game."

Beadle brought on John Mills and Jimmy Oates.

"Ryan is not as dynamic as Jimmy and we just felt bringing on that side  and get him up and down the touchline so we'd got more attackers on the pitch.

"I didn't think Mark or Jamie had done anything wrong, they hadn't played badly. But we needed a bit more impetus especially down the slope. And it worked today.

"The character the players show every week it astounds me it really does. With the expectation the football club has and to go in 3-0 down, a lot of players would have crumbled and folded but they didn't, they rolled their sleeves up.

"I said to now is the time to stick together through the second half, play the same game, play as you have done but be a bit more clinical in the final third and see where we go.

"And if we get one, they'll start to get nervous and it proved to be the case. In the end with a bit more quality we could have nicked it."

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Results and Updated Table

There were four matches in the South and West tonight, below are the results:

Barnstaple Town 0 - Swindon Supermarine 1
Bishops Cleeve 0 - Salisbury 5
North Leigh 3 - Hereford 3
Taunton Town 4 - Paulton Rovers 1

And the top of the table:

Hereford P20 GD+42 54pts
Tiverton P20 GD+25 44pts
Evesham P19 GD+30 42pts
Mangotsfield P18 GD+11 39pts
Swindon P20 GD+12 24pts

A Game of Two Halves at North Leigh

Hereford extend their lead at the top of the table to 10 points following a 3-3 draw at North Leigh this evening.

The Bulls looked to be heading for their first league defeat since February, trailing three goals at the break. James Murphy (2) and Brad Gray (1) scored the goals for the Windmill Army.

But Hereford mounted a comeback in the second half, with Tristan Plummer, Mike Symons and John Mills ensuring the Bulls remain the only unbeaten side in the top eight levels of English football.

FT: North Leigh 3 - Hereford 3
Att: 354

More later.

Oates To Start At North Leigh?

Jimmy Oates could be back in the starting eleven for Hereford FC this evening at North Leigh. The right back has been on the subs bench for a couple of games recently but came on against Salisbury last Saturday after central defender Mark Preece came off.

Assuming Preece remains unfit, Ryan Green will probably partner Clayton Fortune.

Oates has been one of Hereford FC's most consistant players and there is a view that Green had a difficult time trying to contain Salisbury's Mason Walsh on Saturday whereas when Oates came on Walsh seemed less of a threat.

Striker John Mills is also expected to be challenging for a start. He appears to have recovered from his recent hamstring injury. If Beadle does start Mills, he will have a difficult decision deciding who to leave out from a side who have scored eight goals in their last two games.

Edgar's Winter Soccer Schools

This from UITC:


Slimbridge To Be All Ticket

Slimbridge have said that the game against Hereford on February 4th will be all ticket.

More details will be announced in due course.

Hereford Hat Finds A New Home

With Hereford travelling to North Leigh later today, Oxford based supporter Dennis Johnson might not be able to wear his precious Hereford hat to the game.

His girlfriend's dog was last seen wearing it.

Brough Aims To Beat Hereford Tonight

John Brough, manager of North Leigh, is hopeful that his in-form side can be the first to defeat Hereford in a league match this season.

Brough was a Hereford United player between 1994 and 1998 and was reported to have been on the short list for the manager's job when it was given to Peter Beadle.

"There are a lot of people still there from when I was playing, but for me this is just another game we have to go and win," Brough told the Oxford Mail.

“It’s just another league game with three points at stake..

“I don’t want to put any more pressure on the players.

“I’m not hyping this one up any more than I did against Bideford or Wantage.”

Latest HUST Lottery Draw

This from HUST:

Prize Bull Lottery draw No. 131 took place on Monday night.

The winning numbers are:- 2 - 9 - 13 - 22

Should you have the winning combination, please contact to claim the jackpot. More details on the Prize Bull Lottery and entry forms are on the Prize Bull Lottery page.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Prediction League Round 28 Preview

Round 28 of the Bullsnews prediction league sees Hereford travel to North Leigh on Tuesday. North Leigh are currently 7th in the league. 

Last 5 results
North Leigh 2-1 Bideford
North Leigh 1-0 Kingstonian (Cup)
AFC Totton 0-3 North Leigh
Winchester 1-2 North Leigh
Folkestone Invicta 2-3 North Leigh (Cup)

Attendances 2016/17
Highest: 141
Average: 91
Lowest: 47

Predictions with attendance, score and username need to be sent before 7:30pm on Tuesday to

Buy Purdie's Wembley Shirt And Help Support Children's Ward In Hereford Hospital

As promised by director George Webb on Saturday, Rob Purdie's unused Wembley Shirt is now on sale.

It's hoped that the auction of the show will help provide funds for a ' Magic Carpet' for the Children's Ward at Hereford Hospital'

Bulls Can Increase Gap At Top Tomorrow

With just four Southern League South and West fixtures tomorrow evening, Hereford FC can increase the gap at the top of the table as neither Tiverton (2nd) not Evesham (3rd) are playing.


Barnstaple v Swindon Supermarine
Bishops Cleeve v Salisbury
North Leigh v Hereford
Taunton Town v Paulton Rovers

However with thick fog currently forecast over much of the Southern Midlands there is a slight risk that games could be called off. 

Meanwhile North Leigh have tweeted that parking for the game will be on the training pitches. Stewards will be at the main entrance to guide drivers.

Council Minutes About Edgar Street Lease

A meeting of Herefordshire Council's General Overview and Scrutiny Committee took place on November 14th during which the proposed extension to the Edgar Street Lease was discussed.

Below are the minutes from that meeting:

Edgar Street Stadium, Hereford - Lease Proposals

The committee considered the options available to the Council prior to entering into longer term arrangements on the stadium premises.

The development manager presented the report.

Mr K Kinnersley, Chief Executive Officer of Hereford FC had been invited to address the meeting. He gave a short statement reminding the committee of the background to the Club's position. When considering forming a new football club the view had been that the Edgar Street Stadium would be the key to maintaining support. He outlined a range of measures the club was undertaking to continue to secure support including plans to maintain and encourage community support.

He reported the Club's aim was to a return to National followed by Football League status. In relation to the ground this meant returning the stadium to four sides to comply with League Regulations. A long lease of some 35 - 50 years would be required at some point in the future to achieve that ambition as it would require the construction of a new stand. In the meantime a ten year lease would be welcomed as an interim measure prior to seeking grant funding for future development.

In discussion support was expressed for the Football Club's efforts and the principal consideration whether a longer lease should be considered. Mr Kinnersley confirmed that a 10 year lease was satisfactory at this stage.


That (a) the executive be advised that the Committee supports the proposed the grant of a new lease to the current tenant for a term of ten years commencing at some point prior to the expiry of the current lease; and

         (b) a further report is presented to the Committee setting out the long term proposals for the Edgar Street Stadium following an appraisal by the football club, council and potential development partners of the options.

Bulls Top Fair Play Table

This from the Non-League Paper:

SQUEAKY clean Hereford FC remain at the top of our NLP Fair Play Table as their fantastic disciplinary record continues.

Peter Beadle’s side have received just 12 yellow cards and one red, leaving them clear at the top ahead of Kendal Town, Clitheroe and Lincoln United.

It’s a completely different story for Frome Town, however, and they are still bottom of our Fair Play table although they are now joined on 52 NLP Fair Play Points by National League side York City.

The Southern Premier side have received ten dissent cautions and a red card for abusive language while York have had the same amount of dissent yellow cards but have also been given a red for violent conduct.

It's North Leigh Away On Tuesday

Hereford FC are on the road again this week with two away games. Firstly on Tuesday (tomorrow) they travel to North Leigh and then on Saturday to Wantage.

North Leigh is situated about three miles north of Witney. Sat Nav is OX29 6SL. 

They are hoping they can break their record gate which stands at 426 but given it's a Tuesday night in early December it's unlikely that more than a couple of hundred Hereford supporters will make the trip. 

The ground is set in picturesque surroundings of the Eynsham Hall estate with a presentable 175 seater main stand named after George Hazell which lines one side of the pitch opposite the dugouts. 

The stand offers comfortable and perfect viewing of the whole pitch and also provides disabled areas and press facilities.

There is a covered standing area behind the North End goal which joins on to a welcoming new clubhouse (Sheps Bar) with snack bar located at the front and toilet facilities located to the rear.

The pitch has an excellent playing surface due to recent investment which rolls down towards the open end of the ground, overlooking the estate of Eynsham Hall framed majestically amid trees some way in the distance.

Currently North Leigh are seventh in the table and last Saturday they won their home game against Bideford 2-1.

So what does Hereford manager Peter Beadle know about North Leigh.

"A new manager (John Brough) has come in and I think it has taken a little while for him to bed in," said Beadle.

"I'm sure he will have his team fully prepared for us when we get there on Tuesday.

"They've had a few distractions with the Cup, a couple of good runs in the Cups, and they will be looking to progess in the Trophy next Saturday so on a good day he might rest three or four.

"But I don't think he will do that, he would rather stop our run and win the game.

"It will be a difficult place to go. I've never been there but I've heard there is a end to end slope.

"We've played on slopes side to side, other slopes end to end. At the end of the day is eleven v eleven and we'll try to do the best we can." 

Admission to the game is £8 for Adults and £5 for Concessions. Under 16's go free if with an adult.

Some parking is available as one enters the ground from the A4095.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

South And West Weekend Review

Hereford FC won the big game in the EVO-STIK League Southern Division One South & West on Saturday against Salisbury FC to move nine points clear at the top of the table, writes Pitchero's Steve Whitney.

In front of a terrific crowd of 2,816, the Bulls took an early fourth minute lead through Rob Purdie and were 2-0 up by the 10th minute, thanks to Mike Symons` penalty. Tommy Wright reduced the deficit after 24 minutes but Steve Claridge`s side were done for when Jamie Molyneux added the Bulls` third on the hour-mark.
To add to Hereford`s joy, second-placed Evesham United were beaten 2-1 at Taunton Town, whose Matty Wright bagged both goals in the 13th and 53rd minutes, with Paul Fahy replying 15 minutes from time.
Taunton`s neighbours Tiverton Town are now second after they edged a seven-goal thriller at Ladysmead against mid-table Wimborne Town.
Luke Holmes gave the Magpies a second minute lead that Levi Landricombe cancelled out 14 minutes later. Dan Cann restored the visitors` lead after 24 minutes, only for Landricombe to level again less than two minutes later.
Landricombe completed a first half hat-trick to send the hosts into the break in front, only for Toby Holmes to level matters on 57 minutes. Tom Bath made it 4-3 on the hour-mark and, surprisingly, that`s how it remained.
Mangotsfield United are fourth after a 3-1 win at Fairfax Park against bottom-markers Bridgwater Town, courtesy of a brace from Olly Mehew and one from Lewis Powell, Tom Richens replying.
Shortwood United slipped up in fifth, however, going down to a 3-1 home defeat to Bishops Cleeve, whose Harlie Price bagged a brace either side of a Jacob Davidge effort – Adam Price having equalised just before the break.

Sixth-placed Swindon Supermarine couldn`t take full advantage after being held to a 0-0 draw at Paulton Rovers, while North Leigh, with games in hand after their cup exploits, were 2-1 home winners over Bideford, courtesy of James Murphy and Matt Sysum after Sean Downing had given the Devonians a 34th minute lead.
Second-bottom Wantage Town shared a 202 draw at third-bottom AFC Totton, whose Neil Williams equalised in stoppage time after Dan Sadler`s 18th minute opener had been cancelled out by Marley Ridge two minutes later and Mark Francis had restored the Alfredians lead in the 37th minute.
Winchester City won 3-1 at Barnstaple Town with goals from Stuart Green, Craig Feeney and Howard Neighbour, Jack Jenkins on target for Barum.
Elsewhere, Jack Ball was on target twice for Yate Town at home to Didcot Town, as was Ben Whitehead for the Railwaymen, with Kyle Thomas adding the other for the Bluebells to win it 3-2.

Beadle Praises Groundsmen At Edgar Street

Hereford manager Peter Beadle was very pleased with how the Edgar Street played yesterday and in his post match interview praised the work of the groundsmen.

"We thought it was a bit soft but it's played fantastic again.

"They've done brilliant with it to keep it as it is. Hopefully it will stay like this for as long as we can keep it.

"Last year around January it started to get a bit bare but at the moment it's looking fantastic and we haven't got a game until the 17th so we've got a little bit of time for it to rest and for Ben and his staff to get a bit of work into it.

"As you can see it played fantastically."

Every Picture Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story and one posted by a Salisbury supporter yesterday says it all.

The picture reproduced below is the 'food kiosk' provided for the visiting supporters at Edgar Street.

In bygone days the kiosk was situated close to the toilets so in that sense it's positioning is an improvement.

But with the vast majority of the stadium looking a lot brighter and welcoming, the food kiosks stand out as being relics from the past.

It is the intention of the club to improve the facilities.

"The third year (ie closed season 2017/18) the intention subject to other considerations is to improve the stadium toilet facilities and food kiosks plus other smaller projects," wrote CEO Ken Kinnersley recently.

The 'subject to other considerations' is worrying in that there appears to be some doubt in the CEO's mind.

That may be the length of the lease which is currently just over three years. 

Discussions with Herefordshire Council continue over the length of any new lease. Sources suggest that the club has only been offered a ten year lease, not the twenty five year lease originally talked about.

You have to question why Herefordshire Council appear to be so slow in agreeing a further lease and why only ten years. Originally BN was told by the Council Leader that it was hoped a deal would be done by September. Three months later and nothing.