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Sunday, March 05, 2017

No Blame Attached To Didcot Said BBC Reporter

Bill Rennells covered yesterday's abandoned game at Didcot for BBC Radio Oxford.

"It's just incredible that they should actually riot, I use the word advisely, riot when they were 2-1 up," said Rennells.

"It's just so amazing.

"What I can put it down to is that they had probably had a little bit too much to drink.

"Didcot were very hospitable, they even opened their function room and a special bar for them so there was drinking for sometime before the game started.

"I talked to the Hereford chairman, he seemed quite heart-broken. He said I'm very very disappointed, it's probably the blackest day in the history of my club.

"I asked him what would happen about a replay, he said we haven't got a decision on that but I imagine it will be on a Tuesday night.

"I did talk to a lot of the Hereford supporters whilst it was all going on and they were so sad, some nearly in tears.

"Fights going on everywhere, we're not talking about lusty young 20 year olds fighting, there were a lot of grey old 60 year olds fighting, women, men, everything, fists flying everywhere.

"I've never seen like this in my whole career which is a pretty long one.

"I would think all together 75 to 100 people involved one way or another.

"There were people being held back, some people trying to stop it and the Hereford supporters, the proper Hereford supporters, were absolutely heartbroken about the whole thing."

Rennells said there were 796 at the game.

"I can't see there is any blame attached to Didcot.

"It's a Hereford thing, there were Hereford people fighting Hereford people. Quite extraordinary."