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Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Bulls Stay Whiter than Salisbury!

Jamie Molyneux Scored Hereford's Third Goal

A warmer start to the Saturday clash between two clubs with similar history and desire, than has been all week. With minus temperatures possible, Edgar Street was well prepared and cleared, ready for action, early on in the morning.

Deemed to be the biggest league match of the season so far, The Bulls faced a well matched side in The Whites of Salisbury FC in front of another fantastic crowd of 2816, including the 96 away fans. Hereford FC in black & white home strip, led out by Captain Joel Edwards, were joined by Salisbury FC, playing in blue and yellow, in a minutes silence to remember the lives of those lost in the recent Chapocoense air crash.

The Bulls, charged out of the blocks at start of play, taking the game full on to Salisbury. With full pressure in the Salisbury half at the Meadow End, Hereford push for the opening goal to set the match alight. 4 minutes later the fans were rewarded with an excellent pass into the area from Plummer onto the feet of Purdie who pushed the ball across goal into the right hand corner of the net! GOAL!! Hereford go 1-0 up.

With the ball back in play, Hereford push again as a pass from McGrath finds the head of Preece who heads it straight at the keeper. Minutes later Plummer is brought down, the Ref awarding a penalty to Hereford, taken from the spot by Symons, straight into the left hand corner of the net for a 2nd GOAL!! within the opening 10 minutes – Hereford now 2-0 up.

Salisbury now on the attack, that 2nd goal seemingly a wake up call as they push back into the Hereford defence, their first chance from a free kick is successfully caught by Harris for a goal kick. Hereford under pressure now as Salisbury regain possession and create an opening run back at Hereford, Green supplying the block but the ball is still not safe as a shot from Bennett soars the ball over the top of the goal. The goal kick heads straight at the feet of Salisbury who return it back to the Hereford defence, Green eventually clearing back up to the Meadow End to give Plummer a chance straight at the goal but the keeper manages to punch the ball away for a corner. The corner is taken but is poor and Salisbury now take possession again, back into the Hereford half at Blackfriars end, Hereford struggling to gain possession and a lack of quality passing opens up the chance for Salisbury again, who have now upped their game considerably and passing with precision, gaining ground through the centre into open space, Wheelan setting up an excellent cross for Wright to put in the back of the net. GOAL AWAY! Salisbury pull one back Hereford 2-1 Salisbury in the 24th minute.

Salisbury are now fighting back, only 1 goal away from an equaliser, a late challenge by Parselle after Green had cleared the ball for Hereford brings him down injured. Giving time for The Bulls to regroup while he received treatment, they come back with Manager Beads voice ringing in their ears, to face Salisbury on the break again, though the centre, past the defence who are all in the Salisbury half, Fortune now 1 on 1, who doesn't gain possession, leaving Harris exposed, Green sprinting to the back line to finally tackle and clear the ball.

A chance for Hereford now, back into the Salisbury half, minutes from half time, on the break, the ball out to Plummer who puts in a superb left shot straight at the keeper who hung on for the save. Molyneux finds himself 1 on 1 with the Salisbury defence next but cant quite make it past but gains a corner. McGrath takes it but again its cleared easily as the Ref blows for half time.

Half Time: Hereford FC 2 – 1 Salisbury FC

The second half sees no changes to the line up of either side, though Joel Edwards is now wearing a numberless shirt. Salisbury immediately continue where they left off with action into the Hereford half in front of a packed Meadow End but comes to naught. Hereford gain possession in the Salisbury half with a free kick in the area after Symons was sandwiched on the edge of the box, Haysham to take but only meets the defensive wall, the ball blasted back up into the Hereford half, caught and controlled by Green and a safe header back to Harris. The goal kick send the ball back to Symons who expertly holds up the defence along the side line, in front of the Salisbury away fans, to force a corner at Blackfriars End. The corner again comes to naught.

Hereford fight for possession, seeking another goal sooner rather than later, McGrath picks up the chase in the centre, feeding to Symons, who once again, expertly holds up the opposition and opening the space, feeds into Haysham who delivers a low cross direct to Molyneux in front of goal, who does not disappoint and puts the ball past the keeper, over the line. GOAL!! Hereford now 3-1 up in the 60th minute.

Minutes later Molyneux has a chance again but only finds the side of the net. Hereford now gaining momentum and finding their feet again in the match, attack the Salisbury defence, this time McGrath taking his chance with a 6 yard shot at goal, hitting the post and the side of the net on the rebound.

SUBS: Hereford – Preece OFF Oates ON

Green now moving to centre back to accommodate Oates, who within minutes of coming on the pitch makes a break down the right and making a superb shot across the goal which just misses the bottom left hand corner and goes wide, a touch of brilliance from Haysham in the set up of the run.

McGrath now looking for another chance but his shot is deflected. The ball now back in Salisbury's possession, their determination still not thwarted, at they take a shot at goal from a corner at the Meadow End but it soars over the bar.

SUBS: Salisbury – Herbert ON O'Keefe OFF

Salisbury on the attack again, the ball too close for comfort as Green clears the ball off the line for a corner, headed away by McGrath. Salisbury's Wheelan, feeds the ball back in for a shot a goal by Wright which hits the crossbar and rebounds to Bennett who shoots into the net but is called offside by the linesman. Bennett complains too much and the Ref has no choice but to show a yellow card.

Hereford keep up the pressure back in the Salisbury half, Molyneux with a great run and a low cross to Symons but it's struck too well and Symons struggled to reach it at full stretch.

SUBS: Hereford – McGrath OFF – Edge ON

Hereford maintain the pressure into the last minutes with 1 minute of extra time added until the final whistle

FT: Hereford FC 3 – 1 Salisbury FC

Bulls News MOTM
The Sponsors, Dave Jones Carpentry & Plastics awarded the MOTM to Mike Symons, a well deserved award as his continuous ability to block and draw in the opposition to create space and opportunity is relentless. Plummer was again, on fire, with some superb crosses and pivots, Green was strong on the back row again, making some excellent clearances and out running their front row alongside the experience of Preece and Fortune. Molyneux gets better every time he takes to the pitch putting in a fabulous goal and chances, teaming up with Haysham in attack. Edwards and Purdie as solid as ever and the opening goal today for Purdie, to boot! Oates is sheer class but the MOTM for me today was McGrath.

Seemingly not obvious but he was instrumental in the set up excellent passes and chances, some great clearances and narrowly missed being on the scoreboard too!  An equally matched game today with all the thrills and spills of a well contested game but Hereford retain their unbeaten run and stay 9 points clear at the top of the league.

TEAM: Harris, Green, Edwards (c), Purdie, Preece, Fortune, Molyneux, McGrath, Plummer, Haysham, Symons

SUBS: Sinclair, Oates, Edge, Williams, Mills

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