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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story and one posted by a Salisbury supporter yesterday says it all.

The picture reproduced below is the 'food kiosk' provided for the visiting supporters at Edgar Street.

In bygone days the kiosk was situated close to the toilets so in that sense it's positioning is an improvement.

But with the vast majority of the stadium looking a lot brighter and welcoming, the food kiosks stand out as being relics from the past.

It is the intention of the club to improve the facilities.

"The third year (ie closed season 2017/18) the intention subject to other considerations is to improve the stadium toilet facilities and food kiosks plus other smaller projects," wrote CEO Ken Kinnersley recently.

The 'subject to other considerations' is worrying in that there appears to be some doubt in the CEO's mind.

That may be the length of the lease which is currently just over three years. 

Discussions with Herefordshire Council continue over the length of any new lease. Sources suggest that the club has only been offered a ten year lease, not the twenty five year lease originally talked about.

You have to question why Herefordshire Council appear to be so slow in agreeing a further lease and why only ten years. Originally BN was told by the Council Leader that it was hoped a deal would be done by September. Three months later and nothing.