Friday, January 07, 2022

The Last Time Hereford Played At Brackley

The last time Hereford played at Brackley was September 8th 2019.

Here's a look back.


Eliot Richards Sees Red
Son of Eric reports from Brackley.

Hereford turned in possibly their worst performance since the founding of the club. They were flattered by the scoreline and were second best in many areas, losing their discipline.

Brackley’s ground was the most basic Hereford have visited this season partly redeemed by the best chips so far, hot and crunchy. One quirk was the charge of twenty pence for team sheets. Something most clubs like Hereford provide for free to those covering the game. Former favourite Luke Graham was on the bench as Brackley looked to build on the form that stopped table toppers Chorley’s run of victories last week.

Beadle picked his most attacking line up of the season so far with Bird and Myrie-Williams in the wide positions.

Brackley looked lively from the start with Fairlamb whipping a cross in from the right for Ndlovu to glance goalwards bringing out the first of several good saves from Horsell. Kieran Thomas crossed from the right and Myrie-Williams headed it well but straight at the keeper when either side would have been a goal. Myrie-Williams won a long ball and fed White who surged forward to fire a looping shot which was saved. Greenslade was also getting down the left.

Danny White's On Target Shot Was Saved By Danny Lewis
A challenge on Green saw him caught by a swinging arm in the face. The consensus was that this was accidental but dangerous play by Ndlovu and should have been a foul. With Ryan temporarily incapacitated play went on and a possible handball by Ndlovu allowed him to control the ball and sweep across to Armson charging into the channel where Green would have been. He controlled and fired an impressive shot into the top far corner.

Jordan Liburd Talked To The Referee After Brackley's Goal
Hereford did not appear too organised and from a free kick Hall had lots of space in the box to stick out a foot and flick a shot which only just went past the post. Fairlamb who featured in the programme and constantly troubling Hereford sped down the left and fired just over the corner of the bar with Hereford wide open.

Brackley were making the running against a disjointed and disorganised Hereford. A Hall free kick swirled towards the corner and Horsell tipped over for a corner. The Brackley corner was flicked on at the near post and centre back Hall powered in a header at the far post and Horsell made a great save.

Right back Ellis Myles regularly got forward through the game and put in a cross which Armson volleyed just wide. It was wave after wave of Brackley attacks. Hereford were getting overrun. A nasty challenge by Captain Dean on White, saw Richards, who had been getting through lots of work' react pushing a Brackley player in the back with both his hands. A silly reaction as Hereford had won a free kick just outside the box. Dean was booked but Richards was sent off.

With more crosses coming into Hereford’s box many Bulls fans were happy to only go in one down. Both Myrie-Williams and Bird were not working back. When Thomas and Greenslade went forward Brackley were whipping balls in behind as soon as they won back possession. Richards had tried to help staunch things with Murphy, but they were outnumbered. I am a big fan of Bird’s offensive talents, but today would be a very useful video to show him how often he was out of position and not covering back.

Myrie-Williams is undeniably talented and can work back hard but for some reason that was not the case today. Fans of other clubs have suggested that “challenging” performances like todays are one of the reasons he has had 13 different clubs in 12 years.

At half time Beadle decided he wanted more reliable grafters, replacing them with Lance Smith and Calvin Dinsley.

The half started with another Brackley attack foiled by a superb block tackle by Liburd. Dinsley got forward and his shot on goal was deflected for a corner. Liburd flicked the ball on at the near post and Green unmarked at the back post seemed to have the ball come at him too quick at the far post. The ball spinning off his thigh when any controlled contact would have seen the ball nestle in the onion bag.

A long ball forward on the edge of the box presented Horsell with a dilemma. Green left it for him. Horsell momentarily hesitated and was lost. He charged out but the impressive Ndlovu was quicker and just got to the ball and passed the ball past Horsell into the net. Horsell had a good game and has been one of Hereford best performers this season but at times like this goalkeeper is the cruellest position.

Martin Horsell Watched By Danny Greenslade After Brackley Scored Their Second Goal
Murphy took one for the team when Brackley broke away again and to stop a possible third goal, fouled and was rightly booked.

McGrath was booked for a foul and then Brackley’s Byrne for repeated fouling.

Dinsley was booked a lightly harshly for a foul. Murphy put a ball across the box, but nobody got on the end. Dinsley shot wide, but Brackley were comfortably on top, bringing Walker on for Fairlamb who went off to a well earnt ovation. Brackley’s game management meant they then brought on Nti for the niggly Lowe. A wise decision as Lowe was getting close to a booking attempting a judo manoeuvre on Greenslade in one challenge.

Brackley fans rightly applauded Ndlovu off for a superb exhibition of centre forward play when he was substituted for Smith to come on. Few strikers get the better of Green but Ndlovu did. There can be few better strikers in this division with his pace and power.

A surging run by White saw him beat three defenders before being blocked off by the last man. Myles was booked for a foul. Winning a free kick near the box the already booked Dinsley reacted putting his head against a Brackley player and getting sent off. This was stupid on many levels. The game was lost. Hereford had won a free kick in a dangerous position. With Richards likely to be suspended for three games Hereford needed Dinsley to be available and not in detention.

Brackley were physical but no more than you would want Hereford to be. Their game plan worked well and when players won’t track back the attacking instincts and skills of Thomas and Greenslade are as much of a liability as a benefit. Green was groggy for a little while after getting an elbow in the face and will have a bruise. Hereford fans have been drenched in delights. This was the performance of a team heading down the table not looking up.

PS The highlight of a difficult day for Bulls fans was Wayne “Superman” Brown standing with Hereford fans and getting a rightly generous reception. 

BRACKLEY- Lews, Myles, Franklin, Byrne, Hall, Dean (c), Fairlamb, Armson,Ndlovu, Lowe, Walker
Subs: Nti, Walker, Graham, Noon, Smith

HEREFORD - Horsell, Thomas, Green, Cullinane-Liburd, Greenslade, Bird, McGrath, Murphy, Richards, Myrie-Williams, White. L. Smith, Dinsley, Hall, H. Smith, Mayebi.

Attendance: 830