Monday, December 27, 2021

Cost Of Postponement Hits Hereford

As was reported before Christmas, tomorrow's National North League game between Hereford and Gloucester has been called off because of Covid problems in the home squad.

No doubt the game will now have to be played on a Tuesday evening.

It's difficult to access what the cost to Hereford of calling off this game might come to but it's probably realistic to suggest the gate might have been close to 2400 had it been played tomorrow whereas on a Tuesday night 1700 might be expected to watch.

That's 700 less spectators. Of course a number of these will be season ticket holders. However that could still mean 500 less supporters paying on the night which equates to around £5,000.

On top of that would be less match programmes sold, less food and drink sold and less visits to the club shop.

And there are the usual costs in rearranging any match.

So a probable loss of around £7,000 which given the club is already expected to make a loss this season isn't good news.

Hereford's next game is against Kidderminster on January 2nd. A gate close to 3,000 is expected.

Let's hope this game goes ahead as if it is called off Hereford's finances will take a second hit in a week.