Saturday, October 16, 2021

Where Will Hereford Supporters Park On Matchdays?

Earlier this week it was announced that Herefordshire Council could receive a government grant of £2M to help with the costs of building 210 new homes on part of the Merton Meadow car park which is situated next to Hereford FC's Edgar Street stadium.

However there are fears that the site might be subject to flooding and doubts have been expressed whether it's a good idea to build on the site.

Local resident and campaigner Dr Nichola Geeson tweeted: "It does not make any sense to build on Merton Meadow with one of highest flood risks in Hereford."

And there might be another concern. 

The car park is used by Hereford supporters on matchdays and is often full especially on Saturday's. 

If supporters have to park further from the ground would that put off some from coming to games?