Sunday, October 03, 2021

We've Got A Bit Of Momentum Now Said Kouyhar


Speaking after yesterday's win at Merstham in the FA Cup, Hereford midfielder Maziar Kouyhar said he thought there was a bit of momentum building in the team.

"The start of the season we started off slow," said Kouyhar.

"But you can tell we've got the players and quality to win games and be up there in the league.

"I just think now that we've kind of got a bit of momentum, we've got our formation, our tactics, everyone is working together more fluently now. So I feel we are going to carry on the run and climb up the table and, hopefully, get into the further rounds of the FA Cup.

"In a team players on the bench play a big part as well. You need players who can come in and fill in in different slots.

"If everyone is working hard it's pushing everyone. If there's competition to get to the starting line-up everybody is up there working their hardest.

"So if you are a bench player you need to work extra hard and if you are a side player you need to work extra hard to keep your shirt.

"I feel the workrate in training and in games has improved massively and you can see that with our results."