Saturday, October 02, 2021

Tough Game In The Wet Said Kouhyar

Josh Gowling's man of the match at Merstam this afternoon was Maziar Kouhyar. Afterwards the Hereford midfielder spoke to Keith Hall.

"It was a tough game," said Kouhyar

"Tough opponents, it was wet, windy, but we came away with a win so can't complain."

Kouhyar played in a more central position alongside Harry Pinchard.

"It's a different role from out wide. In middle you've got to be patient on the ball, you can't lose the ball.

"I enjoyed the role. I think I adapted to it well.

"It was a pleasure playing with him. He plays you the ball, looks for the gaps, really good playing with him."

Pinchard scored Hereford's second goal with a 'screamer'

"He does it in training all the time, I expect that from him.

"In games like that the opponents it's like a cup final for them. They're coming out with intensity so we had to kill them off early.

"I think us winning the first ball, getting on the second, getting in behind, just wore them out and in the end we rolled them over.

"First half we were shooting but they were just getting their bodies in the way every time.

"But we could tell it was coming so that's why just before the end Toey got the one. We knew it was coming, just a matter of time"

Kouhyar was pleased to be in the starting eleven.

"It's what I'm working for, what I want to carry on working at, it's where I want to be. I grateful for it and I hope I can keep performing well."

Hall asked if his target would be Walsall in the first round.

"That would be good and then beat them as well."