Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The End Of Hereford United

In case anyone has missed this here's another look back at the end of Hereford United.

'The season finale of 'Lost Clubs' takes Pint of Football off to the West of England in search of another tragic tale. This time out, we attempt to ride the Bulls with Hereford United and find out how they went from rising up to League One in 2008 to dissolving just six years later. 

Featuring two of our best interviews so far, Hereford legend Rob Purdie tells us in no uncertain terms what went wrong during his four spells at Edgar Street with the original club, whilst Matt Healey opens up about his career as the matchday announcer at the old club. 

Tom and Daz have saved the best until last with this story of the most well-known club in Herefordshire.'

The condensed episode is here:

And an uncut interview with Rob is here:

Also an uncut interview with Matt Healey the stadium announcer.