Saturday, October 09, 2021

Frustrating Day Said Gowling

A disappointing day ay Darlington for Hereford. The home team scored early in the game and held onto their league until the final whistle.

So not for the first time this season, despite having the majority of the possession Hereford have failed to score and that, in particular, has annoyed manager Josh Gowling.

"A frustrating day," said Gowling.

"We spoke to the lads about coming to this place, obviously they beat Telford in the week 3-0, so they were going to start quick and we knew that.

"Free-header after five minutes, unacceptable.

"First half we didn't keep the ball well enough, I think we turned balls over too much and we kind of played their game a little bit.

"Look we've scored four goals not because we are not getting into areas but because the delivery has not been good enough.

"Their goalie gets man of the match today and to be fair to him he brought off a few good saves but the amount of times we hang balls up to their keeper for him to come and cherry pick it is unbelievable and I've said it to them in there you've got to be better in the final third.

"We worked really hard to get in good areas - we had a cut back where it's one yard the wrong side of him or a cross that we're trying to fire across the goal rather than just taking a bit of care and a bit of detail, and that's what's let us down today." 

Keith Hall said that some Darlington supporters felt Hereford deserved something from the game.

"Yes but we've lost 1-0.

"It doesn't matter what we deserve, we've lost 1-0, it's the fourth we've lost now.

"It's ridiculous, it's not good enough.

"I'm not happy."

You can listen to the full interview here.