Sunday, May 09, 2021

WEMBLEY NEWS | More than 1,500 people on ticket priority list

Hereford say they have in excess of 1,500 season ticket holders, volunteers and sponsors from the past two seasons as emails start to be sent out with regards to how people who are on the club's priority list can obtain tickets for this month's FA Trophy Final at Wembley.

The first wave of emails were sent last night (Saturday) with further ones being sent over the weekend. It will contain a link and details about how you can purchase a ticket.

Due to the Bulls only being allocated 3,000 tickets for the match against Hornchurch on May 22, there will be a limit of one ticket per season ticket holder. However, any supporters who purchased more than one season ticket will be able to purchase the equivalent amount of tickets.

Any season ticket holder who have not provided Hereford with an email address will have the opportunity to but tickets early next week (within the first priority window). Details will be provided on Monday. Any information regarding further ticket sales will also be provided early next week.