Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Kidderminster In 'Tough Financial Position'

Like most other National North clubs, Kidderminster sold season tickets for the last campaign not knowing that most games would have to take place behind closed doors and then also not knowing that promises by the National League make up for drastically reduced gate receipts would not be kept.

Earier today the Kidderminster board released an 'open letter to supporters' setting out the cost of full refunds of season tickets.

In the 'letter' the club said that they had traded at a loss last season and if they had to refund season tickets in full that loss would be doubled.

Therefore they are appealing to supporters who bought season tickets to take a survey which would gauge reaction to four different proposals.

The options are:

1. To receive a refund in full.
2. To have your season ticket rolled over to next season.
3. To donate the 50% value of your season ticket to the club.
4. To donate the full value of your season ticket to the club.

It was also stated that the club expect a difficult 2021/22.

'We are also forecasting a downturn in income for the upcoming season, as we face financial pressures from our fanbase and our commercial sponsors to make good on monies paid for the 2020/21 season where, due to the combined impact of lockdown restrictions and the season being cut short, full value could not be realised.

'As a board, we have taken all steps available to us to try and mitigate the negative impact of the global pandemic on our club. We have tried to reduce our costs as far as practical in a season where all our fixtures have been played behind closed doors. We have also sought to maximise as much support as we could from the Government initiatives for which we were eligible. Despite these measures, the club remains in a tough financial position.' 

Statement in full: