Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Westons Cider Sales Sparkle


Westons Cider, who are one of the biggest advertisers at Hereford FC's Edgar Street, report strong sales in 2020.

Cider sales have continued to grow despite the closure of pubs during the latest lockdown, with crafted and premium brands leading the charge, according to a new report from Westons Cider. 

It said the closure of pubs, bars and restaurants played a part in the category’s success, as shoppers “swapped trips to their local for a ‘quiet night in’ and an influx of new shoppers bought in”.

Tim Williams, insight and innovation manager at Westons Cider, said the biggest cider drinking occasion in 2020 was the “big night in”, which grew from 19% to 22%, and added almost one million new shoppers into the category.

There were also some significant consumer trends that helped to grow the category. Sally McKinnon, head of marketing at Westons Cider, said that within the convenience sector there has been a 76% growth of craft cider and a 40% growth of premium cider, outperforming the mainstream cider segment which is currently seeing 25% growth.

The report also found a trend towards glass bottle and can formats, both of which are in growth by 22% and 36% respectively, and larger pack formats are on the rise.

According to the report, 10-pack value increase by 40% and even larger packs saw a 32% increase over the past year, although single glass bottles still make up the majority of cider market value (40% share).

Darryl Hinksman, head of business development at Westons Cider, said: “Over the past year, UK grocery retail has played a crucial role in maintaining presence and momentum for the cider category.

“The sheer popularity of crafted ciders, the emergence of diverse offerings within the cloudy and rosé subcategories and the growth of the online and convenience channels have played a key part in this, and we expect these factors to remain important throughout the year ahead.”