Monday, April 05, 2021

Are You a Winner? Prize Bull 500 Club Draw - March 2021

The HUST Prize Bull 500 Club Draw for the month of March 2021 has been drawn. Remember you can help the club through this difficult period by joining the 500 Club at any time. 

Congratulations to the winners as follows:
£100  072  Ian Nichol from Belmont
£75  191  Brian Bowdley from Leominster
£25  010  Merle Hancock from Woolhope
£25  080  Russell Cheasley from Hereford
£25  158  Robert Gratton from Ross-on-Wye
£25  012  Roy Tudge from Ledbury
£25  233  David Spiers from West Hampstead
£10  170  Colin Butler from Hereford
£10  027  I. Jones from Hereford
£10  260  Richard Ball from Hereford
£10  240  Cliff Cooke from Hereford
£10  066  Graham Johnson from Shrewsbury

You can join the Prize Bull 500 Club Draw right away and, if you already have one lucky number, why not double your chances with another go. Indeed, at a mere £5 per month it’s any easy way of helping HUST provide much-needed finance for the club as we head to a Wembley final in the FA Trophy!
Back the Bulls – Join TODAY.