Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Board Made Mistakes Said Kettering Chairman

Kettering chairman David Mahoney has said that the National League Board made lots of mistakes this season.

His club are considering backing the resolution put forward by two clubs for an EGM and a no confidence motion in the Board.

"I think it's fair to say that a lot of mistakes were made by the National League Board over the last year, but to be fair the Pandemic was new to everyone and so lessons were being learnt over the course of the journey," said Mahoney as reported by the Northampton Telegraph.

"Most people, if not everyone, understands and at least partially accepts this.

"The sad fact though is that the League’s Board didn’t seem to learn and certainly didn’t listen.

"Numerous clubs, including ourselves, expressed concerns over starting the season and were assured that financial support would be forthcoming.

"For the board to ultimately confirm that they made a mistake and relayed false information with regards to the funding, only to ultimately fine clubs for not being able to fulfil fixtures is quite unbelievable.

"In effect every club who said that they could not afford to continue without being supported is now being penalised financially.

"I have said previously that if funding wasn’t sorted out then some clubs would go to the wall, and sadly the fines have pushed some closer.

"All of this means a review of the National League Board’s performance is unavoidable."