Sunday, December 20, 2020

Clubs Expected to Receive December Payment As Originally Agreed

National League clubs are expected to receive their December payments from the National Lottery as originally agreed. This suggests that no changes have been made to the amounts so Hereford, for example, will have £36,000.

According to National League expert Ollie Bayliss:

'The National League independent review committee has made recommendations to the Board over the distribution of the £10m grants. The Board is now seeking clarification on the recommendations, which haven’t been sent to clubs. No changes have been made to the December payments.''

Meanwhile Maidstone chairman Oliver Ash has challenged the National League to publish the findings of the Independent Review Panel

'So the National League-appointed Independent Review Panel has sent them its report on distribution of funding to NL clubs and THEY REFUSE TO PUBLISH IT despite repeated requests. Can only assume it’s critical of NL (lack of) method and governance. Transparency? What transparency? '