Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Hereford FC Twitter Account Gains 1700 Followers In 24 Hours!

A new official twitter account for Hereford FC, the Phoenix option for the HUST / Hale backed phoenix option has seen phenomenal support in the 24 hours or so since it launched. It has already achieved a follower number of over 1700 in that short time.

This has been achieved through the promotion of this account by HUFC fans on their own twitter and other social media accounts and the following the account is gaining is being praised by some fans as a very clear indication that this is the Phoenix option favoured by both them and the community in general as being the best way forward for senior football in the city.

The new account can be viewed and followed on the following link:


1PM - Now nearly 2,000 followers

8PM - 2700 followers