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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Sentiment Doesn't Enter The Cold World Of Survival

With York City featuring in tomorrow's 'We've Been There Before' article, below are Mintermen boss John Ward's programme notes from 1992.

On Saturday 11th April Hereford travelled up North to Bootham Crescent, a journey they will be making again this season.

York was Ward's first job in management and he went on to manage teams such as Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham Town and Carlisle United, as well as spells at Wolverhampton Wanderers and Walsall as caretaker manager.

Ward spent the majority of his playing career at Lincoln City where he scored more than 100 goals between 1970 and 1979.


"Football is no different to any other business and sentiment just does not enter the cold world of survival." 

Many things happen in a short space of time in football and since we last met for a game at Bootham Crescent on 21st March, the whole face of the game has altered. In Division Four we have lost Aldershot Football Club and all their games and results have been wiped from the records as if they did not exist! 

Carlisle United have announced their intention to go part-time with their playing staff because of losses totaling £3,000 per week. Doncaster Rovers had to play Barnet at 2.00p.m. on Tuesday 31st March because of floodlight problems and attracted a crowd of 1,200 people. 

This only adds to their problems as they have recently been unable to pay their players on consecutive pay days. Northampton Town have sacked Theo Foley, two coaches and nine players in an attempt to keep their club alive and playing in the Football League. 

A sad conclusion for Theo who left Arsenal as Assistant Manager to George Graham to manage Northampton because they are so dear to his heart after being a member of their team that rose from Division Four to Division 1 in the early sixties. 

Football is no different to any other business and sentiment just does not enter the cold world of survival as those clubs and their employees have found to their cost. 

We, at York City, can only attempt to keep our own house in order and thanks to previous good management and a stroke of fortune with a slice of the Gabbiadini transfer we tread on reasonable ground. As the manager I have a great responsibility not to place this club into the difficulties that others have experienced. 

I owe it to you the supporters to ensure that you have a football club operating in the Football League for many years to come and whilst I want to achieve success quickly, and as often as possible, I will always have the future of this club at the forefront of my thoughts. 

I thank you for your support and welcome you to today's game. Long may we all be able to come to support a League Club at York City on a Saturday afternoon. 

I support football, and York City in particular, just as you do and I will give all my efforts to improve playing matter and rekindle the passion for this club.