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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Former Manager John Newman | Audio Interview

John Newman was Hereford United manager from 1983-1987. He has been someone I have been trying to get hold of for ages. We spoke last night, and he agreed to do a piece this afternoon.

Find out :
* His early days of watching Hereford United as a youngster in the late 1940's.
* Arriving at Edgar Street as Manager in 1983.
* Sorting out a demoralised and depleted squad
* Having to apply for Re-Election.
* Memories of Ollie Kearns.
* Arsenal FA Cup in January 1985.
* Frustration with the board of directors who wouldn't provide funds for the promotion push in March 1985 when injuries hit the squad.
*Heartbreak against Bristol City, and not reaching Wembley in May 1986.
*What he saw in Phil Stant.
*The reasons why he departed Edgar Street in October 1987
*How he keeps updated in all things Hereford FC

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*Ollie Kearns is lined up for next week*