Monday, May 01, 2017

I'm Delighted For Tiverton Said Beadle

Tiverton will join Hereford from the South and West into the Southern Premier League after they won the play-off at Salisbury this afternoon.

"I'm sure it was a close game," said Beadle.

"It sounded like it was close, we were updated with the scores as it went along.

"I think Tivvy scored just before half-time and then a second one early in the second half.

"Again contrasting styles in the way they play, it was always going to be difficult.

"Steve and I went and watched the first game (Tiverton v Taunton) in the play-off and as a spectacle it wasn't much of a game but what they do they do it very well, they stick to it.

"And maybe, they've already beaten them twice in the season, when that first goal went in just before half-time it probably knocked the stuffing out of Salisbury.

"Fair play to them, I think the final was ideal, top two teams that finished behind us.

"I'm delighted for Tiverton, disappointed for Salisbury."