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Monday, May 01, 2017

Lads Club Were Superb Said Beadle

John Mills Scored Hereford's First Goal In The Rain
After the final game of the season Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to the local media. He started the interview by praising Lads Club, the defeated opponents in the HFA County Cup final at Edgar Street this afternoon.

"I thought Lads Club were superb," said Beadle.

"You can see why they've won their league and Danny Moon has got them organised, working hard for one another and they came to prove a point as they should do, it's a cup final.

"I thought they were as good as, certainly matched us first half.

"Second half tired legs may be a little bit and we certainly dominated a bit more second half but they were superb today."

As expected Beadle was short of numbers today, there were only three substitutes on the bench.

"I've never known a season like it especially coming towards the end of the season. I'm a little bit disappointed in one or two players who have texted this morning and a few things have happened this week and the way it's gone down a little bit.

"But it's hard to criticise them too much as they've done ever so well this year but it has left us short today with one or two dropping out.

"What we had was all we had available really so we went with that.

"I thought the youngsters were excellent today and them to just step in and play a full 90 minutes in a cup final against men, bear in mind the two that started are only 17, I thought they did excellent today and it gave us an opportunity to look at them today and give them more experience for next season."

Winning today's game means the club has gained three pieces of silverware this season.

"I'm delighted. I think sometimes people can suffer second season syndrome but for me I think it's been a better year than last year.

"I think three defeats in fifty three, fifty four games says a lot about the players and the way they've gone about it this year.

"I've said it numerous times before this is not an easy place to play football, we're not an easy club to play for because the expectations are so high. But to go that many games with only three defeats is all credit to the players who I think have been phenominal.

"I'm glad it's over for the season as it's been a harder season, physically tougher, mentally tougher than last year but when you come away from it at the end of the season with 54 games and only lost three that's one season to look back on and say the boys have been brilliant."

There was some controversy over the first goal which John Mills claimed.

"He said it was already over the line when the lad kicked it in. If he was already behind the line then it's Millsy's goal. I'm not going to take it off him until I've seen the video!"

And more controversy in the second half when the referee initially gave Hereford a penalty then changed his mind.

"The linesman gave the penalty, the referee then went to his linesman and gave the penalty. Mike Symons said it wasn't a penalty, he said the fellow got the ball, the referee went back to the linesman and that was the reason why we didn't get the penalty.

"Full credit to Mike but I did say to him afterwards how many other teams would have done that, irrelevant of the score or the game, we were 3-0 up already.

"How many other people would have done that and begs a question I've often put to them that sometimes we're just too bloody nice, we are, we're too nice.

"All credit to him because I think it's a fantastic thing to do and it just shows what nice lads we have playing for us but at the end of the day it's a football match and if it's a penalty you take the penalty, if it's not and you disagree just take the penalty and put it in the net. Be ruthless."

Interviewer Keith Hall noted that John Mills wasn't happy.

"John Mills wasn't happy because he got the first penalty and I'd already told him that maybe the first wasn't his so he was starting to panic. In fact he was going to give Rory the penalty but I said you take it just to make sure before I see the video but then Mike stepped in and I don't think they've spoken the pair of them since they've been in there.

"It's a fantastic gesture it really is but for me it's too nice, be ruthless. They wouldn't have done it. They would have nailed it home.

"But as we were three up and it's three trophies this season I'll let him off."