Next Game: Preseason Friendly - Newport County At Edgar Street on Saturday 21th July at 3.00pm

Monday, May 01, 2017

Work Started Weeks Ago On Next Season Said Beadle

Looking forward to next season, Peter Beadle said in his post match interview after the HFA final that work had started weeks ago.

"It's hard work. Phone calls and e-mails we're received already and the games we've covered already.

"We're working extremely hard because we know we need to be better again next season. And when you've only lost three games in fifty-four that's tough to do.

"We know it's going to be a much bigger step next season, more travelling to do, players have got to be even more focused and professional about how they prepare for games.

"The squad is healthy and it's good, maybe we don't need that many changes but we do need to bring one or two in and we do need to change things a bit. 

"I've just said to the players that this week now that's them done but I'll let them all know about meetings on Tuesday and Thursday (May 9th and 11th). And we'll let them know then about ones we would like to keep and the ones that we think should move on for them to have a different challenge. Hopefully we'll have that all wrapped up by the Thursday."

Asked about the possibility of more players on contract Beadle said it depended on how valuable the player was to the club.

"I'm sure the 2800 supporters that come every week will have their own opinions but I'm the one who is sat there in the job. It's me who has to make the opinion that I feel is right for the club and contracts aren't given out willy-nilly.

"I think some clubs get into trouble when they give out so many contracts, contracts have to be honoured no matter what. You get half a dozen players that are injuried and they are all on contract you have to pay them in full every week so we need to be careful how we manage that.

"In the first year in the Midland League we started getting interest around Pablo and John so we decided the best thing to do was to put them on contract because we didn't want to lose them.

"This year we've had another couple that we felt were players we needed to make us a little bit stronger, they wanted contracts and the deal was never going to be done until they got one so speaking to the Board they were good enough to agree.

"But it all changes now as we move up. For me the next level is probably when it starts to get really serious, I'm not saying this league hasn't been serious but we're now one step away from Conference football North or South.

"And you look at those teams in the Conference North and South and there are some big teams in there so I think if you want to prepare to get into that league you need to make sure you are doing things right yourself.

"So I think now we've got to a point where we would be looking at maybe different types of players, with one or two different characters or characteristics so maybe we're not going to be so realiant on those we were realiant on before. So things might change."

Asked about pre-season friendlies Beadle said they were all pencilled in. 

"We've been pro-active on that front, we're nearly done.

"I think we are going to have seven, one more than last year.

"The opposition will be tougher this year than last year so one or two early games will be like a loosener then after that the teams will be decent games."

The first pre-season friendly will be away on Tuesday July 11th.