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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Supporters Comment On Didcot

BN has received several comments from supporters who were at yesterday's abandoned match at Didcot.

Here's one:

'Like Andrew Graham, I was at the match and agree with everything he has said. The stewarding was poor, the sale of alcohol to clearly already inebriated people indefensible, but the behaviour of a VERY small minority of our supporters is just not acceptable. Didcot Town made us all very welcome and it saddens me that their hospitality was abused. However, they must ask themselves and the security company they employed on the day some very serious questions. Nobody likes to see the kind of behaviour I and others saw yesterday, but with proper crowd management sooner, all of it could have been avoided.

That said, we need to root out anyone in our following who thinks its 'a laugh' to spray the opposition keeper with beer, or to throw a smokebomb, throw things (which the keeper passed on to the ref) or go on to the pitch and confront a player. That is just not on and can lead to sanctions against the club which undoes the good work done by many. Those involved have no place amongst the good and loyal supporters of Hereford FC.'

And another:

'I would add that after the Symonds goal and the fracas in the goalmouth between a supporter and the Didcot goalkeeper had seemed to have died down, the players of both teams were returning to the restart when two or three Didcot players took it upon themselves to rush 30 yards to confront the Hereford fans again. All hell broke loose in front of the goal and then, with the Didcot coach indicating to his players to leave the field, trouble migrated to the area in front of the main stand and tunnel. 

It was clear to me that it was Didcot's coach that was determined to finish the game there and then and leave the field. His team had departed into the tunnel well before any whistle was blown by the referee to formally abandon the game.'