Monday, January 02, 2017

Beadle - Evesham Deserved A Point

Speaking to the local media after this afternoon's match Hereford manager Peter Beadle wasn't happy with his side's second half performance and felt Evesham were unlucky not to get something from the game.

"I'm wasn't at all pleased with the performance second half but you have to give credit to Evesham because I thought they had a fantastic second half and they showed why they are up there," said Beadle.

"I thought they totalled outplayed us second half and they certainly deserved a point out of the game very least.

"The first half performance was really good, the tempo was decent, we moved the ball quite well and then we said make sure we don't come off it second half and the very first minute the lad brings it down on his chest fifty lads from goal, runs ten yards and gets a shot off.

"There's warning signs straight away that he's managed to do that in the first minute of the second half.

"It only got worse for us, better for them and in the end I thought we were very fortunate to get away with the three points.

"The theme has been that we go a couple of goals up and then we seem to let teams back into it and then we kick on again from there.

"I said to the players we can't do that, not against teams like this. They are a good outfit. I've watched them. They are decent, the way they play is good, they try and play the right way and they've got some good players in their side so they are not to be taken lightly.

"And we can't switch it on and off. I've said it before you have to make sure you are at it for the full ninety or as long as you can go.

"It was a Jekell and Hyde, first half I thought we were really good value for our 2-0 then second half we got away with getting three points."

Ryan Green wasn't in the squad.

"He tweaked his thigh at Cleeve and he wasn't quite right so we brought Clayton in."

The Evesham goal?

"I'm not going to point figures at individuals but collectively he skipped past three or four. John was the first one on the half-way line. I said to John I know it's not his strong point tackling but sometimes you have got to put yourself in the firing line for the team. Even if he gives a foul on the half-way line, we can defend that.

"Macca dives in then Clayton dives in. A lovely finish, a fantastic goal but too easy, way too easy. 

"We were a push-over second half but I've just said to them it won't happen again, not like that. It was really disappointing.

"I'm really pleased we got the three points but second half wasn't good enough and on another day we wouldn't have got the three points. It would have been a point or may be not even any. They certainly deserved something from the game. 

"There are one or two players who need to add things to their game. Even people like Clayton and Mark Preece who have played in the Football League. They still need to add things to their game. We'll work on it and hopefully try and improve."