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Saturday, October 15, 2016

We're Winning But We're Not Quite At It Said Beadle

With the rain pouring down and music in the background, Peter Beadle gave his thoughts on his side's 3-2 win at Wimborne.

"Just delighted to get away with a win in the end," said the Hereford FC manager.

"First half again, we're being punished for every single mistake we make at the moment.

"Second half I thought the back five were superb.

"They never really threatened us second half, Horse has not really had a save to make other than a goal which was offside by a country mile because we worked it great.

"But we were getting punished for every single mistake we make at the moment.

"Whether it's a lack of focus, it's not like we don't work on it or aren't ready for it but un fortunately when they are out there mistakes are made. And at the minute we are being punished for every one.

"The second goal Greeny blocks the first one and then he blocks it again to allow Horse enough time to go back in and get it and then he puts it in the other corner. On another day Horse might have saved it.

"I thought we showed great character to come back.

"Second half they weren't in the game, I thought the way they played they played it well and it caused a few problems first half but character for great for us and we won and I think we probably just deserved it."

Once again Hereford were one down very early in the game.

"Horse shouts too late, Chris has already make his mind up he was going to play it back and Horse give him a shout when he is practically on top of him. Then we get done with one more for the first goal, the lad shows a decent bit of skill puts it through Chris's legs when he should have been a liitle bit deeper and ready for it.

"But, like I said, Chris is learning the game, he's come up a couple of levels. It's learning curve for him but Horse knows much better than that.

"We are being punished, but we are very fortunate we've got players in the team who can turn the game around.

"We managed to win the game and I think on chances we've probably just shaded it."

John Mills scored a penalty so Hereford went in 2-1 down at half-time. Keith Hall, who interviewed Beadle, questioned if it was a soft penalty.

"It was a long way from here up the slope to see exactly what it was for, it looked like a foul, but the referee was right on top and has given it so it must have been okay, you can usually tell from the other players reactions."

Hall felt there could have been another penalty for hand-ball.

"I couldn't see it, the angle and where it had come from. The lads all shouted for it but the referee wasn't interested so we had to get on with it.

"We've played well in spells again today and we've dominated in spells especially second half which kept them in their half for quite a lot of the game.

"We've had a goal chalked off and Tristan's had a great chance in and we've had lots of play around their box without really punishing them but we need to be better.

"The last four or five games  and for me we've not been anywhere near where we should be. There's more to come. That's a good sign I think because we've won today and last Tuesday. We're winning games when we're not quite at it at the moment."

Jamie Molyneux and Calvin Dinsley made their full debuts for Hereford this afternoon.

"They both made an impact today and scored. Jamie is going to take a little while to get up to speed in the way we play and the tempo we play at. I thought he looked lively first half but faded a little bit second half.

"Calvin I think he did well when he came on on Tuesday and he looks nice and solid in the middle of the park. He just needs to settle down a little bit as perhaps he's trying to impress too much. That being said I thought he did great today and his goal was top-drawer finish."