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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Around the Ground

Tiverton FC gave an excellent welcome to Hereford supporters yesterday.

Car parking was available within a few minutes of the ground and had plenty of stewards directing the cars. £255.93 was raised for 'Ability Counts'.

The ground itself was one of the best Hereford have visited in the last fifteen months. Not the most modern but plenty of room for a pre-match pint or a bite to eat and a reasonable amount of both seats and cover. A nice setting as well.

Perhaps the only slight criticism was the pitch itself which looked as though it needed some work on it. Hereford manager Peter Beadle commented that it was bobbly.

Tiverton is run by volunteers and they appear able to turn their hand to anything if need be. For example one of Tiverton's photographers, Viv Curtis, also worked in one of the canteens.

View her excellent pictures here:

Another volunteer commented what a nice bunch of players were in the Hereford squad. In particular he mentioned Jimmy Oates who was treated for a leg injury.

Here's a few pictures from the ground.