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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oates And Haysham Doubts For Tuesday

Peter Beadle Helping Jimmy Oates Off The Pitch
In his post match interview with BN, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle was asked about players carrying knocks. Jimmy Oates had to be helped off the pitch during the second half.

"We'll see how he is in twenty four hours," said Beadle.

"The first twenty four hours are the most important."

It's Slimbridge on Tuesday.

"Wait and see!

"We've got plenty of personnel but we'll see how every body is after today and we'll talk about how we can be better and we've got to be better on Tuesday.

"It not the result, it's all about the performance."

Will Pablo Haysham be available for Tuesday?

"His suspension has finished. Whether he is fit or not we're not sure so we'll have to wait and see."

It's FA Cup again on Saturday.

"I'm not thinking about Saturday. I've got a bigger problem as my team haven't performed well today and I want to make sure they are right for Tuesday.

"So it's now a case of lots of discussions with individuals and making sure we are ready.

"I want them to play. I'm not going to criticise them for trying to play and if they make a few mistakes but what I will criticise them for is for me a lack of heart and desire and passion because it looked to me that Tiverton wanted it more than we did.

"And that is not acceptable."