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Monday, August 15, 2016

Prediction League Round 4 Preview

Round 4 of the Bullsnews prediction league sees Hereford travel to Shortwood United on Tuesday evening. Shortwood finished 7th in the south and west division last season and are currently 9th in the division.

Last 5 matches:
Larkhall Athletic 0-2 Shortwood
Yate Town 0-1 Shortwood
Shortwood 0-3 Taunton
Shortwood 2-1 Forest Green (step 1)
Shortwood 0-2 Bath City (step 2)

Attendances 2016/17 
90 vs Taunton
223 vs Forest Green (friendly)
55 vs Bath (friendly)
50 vs Kidlington (friendly)

Attendances 2015/16
Highest: 122
Average: 80
Lowest: 44

Predictions with attendance, score and username need to be sent before 7:30pm on Tuesday to

Previous points and current table can be found at