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Monday, August 15, 2016

Symons To Miss Shortwood?

Assistant Shortwood Town manager Will Morford and Hereford FC striker Mike Symons are said to be 'firm friends and former housemates' and would have been on opposing sides tomorrow evening when the two clubs are due to meet.

But according to Shortwood manager Alex Sykes, that's not going to happen as he says Symons will miss the game.

"I'm hearing that Symo is away and that's a shame because it would have been much easier to prepare for the game, knowing how he plays," said Sykes who was at Gloucester with Symons.
"It's going to be an intriguing game. We go into it on the back of two good performances in our wins against Yate and Larkhall and they are obviously going well.

"I was hoping they would win on Saturday as it might have made them think this league is easy.

"I know their manager Peter Beadle won't let them think that, but we will be looking to give them their toughest test yet."

Shortwood are currently 9th in the league with six points from their first three games.