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Monday, August 29, 2016

Mills And Symons Partnership Working Well Says Beadle

For the last couple of Hereford FC games John Mills and Mike Symons have formed a striking partnership and manager Peter Beadle seems pleased.

"Yes, I think it is working well," said Beadle.

"We've had to accomodate with Pablo on this side which I know is not his favourite but as we said before the team needs to evolve and the team sometimes needs to change and in certain games we need to do things different.

"But at the moment everyone is doing well and Pablo is contributing fantastically. He's set up a couple of goals recently, he's got on the scoresheet again today so he's contributing massively to the team and while he's doing that from a wide position it's great, we'll just keep him there and the two up top are starting to combine a little bit better.

"John and Pablo have played together for many years now. Maybe it's them getting used to one or two movements and they've both had hands in setting   one and other up with chances up today so the link up play is good.

"They are good players and they should be able to form some sort of partnership."

Winger Tristam Plummer played for the whole game.

Tristam Plummer
"I think everytime he had a shot it went high and wide.

"We've just said there we didn't realise on his signing up form it said  Tristam Jigsaw Plummer as he goes to pieces in the box.

"He's threat, he's a constant threat when he plays.

"I thought 90 minutes would do him the world of good mentally but he did tire towards the end understandably.

"He had 60 minutes on Saturday and 90 today and he's shown again in spells what dangers he could be but there's more to come from him, he knows that. We know that there's more to come from him.

"The more games he has if we keep him injury free, the fitter he gets the more games the better he's going to be.

"even on the pitch people are worried about him because they know what he is capable of."

And another player coming in?

Jake Sinclair Is Hereford's Newest Signing
"Obviously with Joe going that's freed up a little bit of room and a bit of budget and we haven't kept secret the fact that we are looking to bring in more players to try and balance us off and we've got one done today and he's signed this afternoon so it will be announced later today.

"He's another one who hasn't played much this year so he needs to get himself fit. He did a little bit on the pitch today and he'll train with us this week and then we'll see for Saturday but Saturday maybe too quick for him."