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Monday, August 01, 2016

Hereford Statement Re Shortwood Tickets

On Tuesday 16 August, Hereford FC will visit Shortwood United FC in the Southern League South & West, a fixture that has been made all ticket by the local safety authority.

Speaking earlier today, Hereford CEO Ken Kinnersley explained the current position.
‘I have today had a number of very cordial and fruitful discussions with officials from Shortwood United FC. They fully appreciate the personnel and financial issues we face as the “away” team with the additional ticket sales, particularly, as Hereford FC have three home games on Tuesday 9, Saturday 13 and Saturday 20 August (in the FA Cup).

However, we also appreciate that not selling tickets from Edgar Street will result in considerable inconvenience to our travelling fans.

I am pleased to say that we have this afternoon reached a mutually acceptable arrangement that will enable tickets sales from the Hereford FC website to commence later this week.

Hereford FC would like to express sincere thanks to the officials at Shortwood United FC for their understanding and co-operation.

Full information of ticket sales for this match will be published as soon as details have been finalised.