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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

VP Club To Move Back To Original Rooms

The VP club at Hereford is to be moved back to its original rooms which are at pitch side level.

The decision to move the club to the Starlite Rooms was taken by the directors after it was discovered how much renovation work was required in the VP area after the short ownership of the club by Tommy Agombar and then Andy Lonsdale.

It's understood some VP's don't particularily like the Starlite Rooms on match days and with the club having such a sucessful season, resources have been found to improve the original VP area.

Work has already started on ripping out the old kitchen and part of the toilet area.

One of the benefits from moving the VP Club will be that the club can use the Starlite Rooms on match days for sponsors. 

"We are redoing it because we need the capacity," said club director Martin Watson.

"Last summer we did the jobs that were absolutely neccessary.

"This summer we've got a bit of scope to plan works, do things whilst the pitch is being ripped up and redone.

"The area is being remodeled slightly."