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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Guinan And Done Unhappy With Attwell's Performance

Both Steve Guinan and Matty Done were unhappy with referee Stuart Attwell's performance in a game between Swindon and Hereford United which the Bulls lost 3-0.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guinan slams Referee Attwell

Steve Guinan, the Hereford United, captain didn't mince his words about the decision of referee Stuart Attwell to give the second goal of this afternoon's game at Swindon.

"Me and the Gaffer went in before the game, swapped the team sheets and being honest when we found out it was him (Atwell) we were a little wary because obviously everyone knows about his history this season and he looked a little bit over-awed by the occassion. God knows what he is like when he is facing Premiership players," Guinan told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"It's another cock-up from him. Everyone was moaning at the linesman, the fourth official came down and the referee told me to get everyone away so he could explain to me his decision.

"He just said that Cox was not interfering with play. I said how can he not infere with it? I said he's flicked it in and he said no he hasn't. He just missed the ball, dumbied it and the ball's gone in.

"Not a cat in hell's chance, he was offside, he's flicked the ball, the ball deviated by at least two yards and it's gone past Pete. But in their opinion it wasn't.

"The finish itself says it all. If Cox had been onside he would have turned and swivelled and smashed it in. He knew he was miles offside, he was waiting for the whistle to go.

"You can understand the linesman perhaps missing it and the referee getting it right or the referee missing it and the linesman flaging it. But for them all to get it wrong it's amazing.

"Right after half-time it absolutely kicks you in the guts and takes the stuffing out of you.

"But it's going to go down as another clanger from him."

Winger Matt Done was also interviewed after the game. Asked about the second Swindon goal he said it was an 'absolute joke'.

"A decision like that knocks the wind out of your sails and it was a big blow especially in a tight game like it was."

C L Pawson was originally set to referee the game. For whatever reason Stuart Attwell was a late replacement.