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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Edgar Street Grid Discussion next Wednesday

The Hereford Civic Society is to hold a discussion on the Edgar Street Grid next Wednesday July 2nd at the Courtyard Film Theatre commencing at 7.30pm. The aim of the event is to examine the current state of Hereford and explore what is really needed to regenerate the city.

The meeting will commence with a video survey and interviews gathered in High Town, followed by a 'Question Time' with a formidable panel consisting of Mark Pearce from Advantage West Midlands, several Hereford councillors, Johnathan Bretherton, chief executive of ESG, and two specialists from Stanhope, the chosen developers for the retail quarter of the ESG.

The meeting will be chaired by Matthew Engel who writes for the Financial Times.

"There are still many members of the public who are either uncertain about the plans or even entirely unaware of what is in store for our city," sain Councillor Mark Hubbard who will be on the panel.

"We can't just sit back and let Hereford become a ghost town."

The meeting takes place with the closure of Chadds and part of Symonds & Co no doubt in mind. It will also offer an opportunity for Hereford United supporters to quiz the panel on their views about the Edgar Street Stadium which is in desparate need of improvement.

Entry to the meeting is free - more details on