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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Turner frustrated with time scale for redevelopment

The Hereford United manager, Graham Turner, writing in yesterday's match programme, admitted that it seems an eternity since discussions about the redevelopment of Edgar Street started.

"I, of course, realise that the whole of the Edgar Street Grid square of which we occupy only 4.6 acres is a massive development with a time span close to twenty years. However, we can't wait very much longer, otherwise I can see the continued deterioration of the Blackfriars End leading it to having its capacity further reduced.

"Our partners, the Richardsons, are still convincing me that the only way forward is to work with the appropriate authorities. Co-operation and not confrontation is still the order of the day.

"Perhaps you, as supporters of the Club when canvassed by prospective councillors, could enquire about their views on the Football Club and the redevelopment of the ground.

"I realise that there are many facets of life for Councillors and many more important issues than ours but nonetheless it would be interesting to know their individual views of what I consider a focal point of the community, that is this Club."