Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Lost Revenue Is Big Concern Said Hale

Jon Hale

Hereford FC chairman Jon Hale has spoken about the lost revenue from the two home games called off because of covid.

The games would have been played on December 28th against Gloucester and on January 2nd against Kidderminster. They have both been rearranged for Tuesday evenings.

"The lost revenue is a big concern to us," said Hale.

"We could have been looking at a three thousand gate for both of those games.

"Very likely now you might be looking at two thousand instead of three thousand for both games.

"That net loss of revenue is quite significent.

"From that angle it is really disappointing to lose it.

"The bars, the club shop, hospitality, all of those things bigger gates bring, not just people coming through the turnstiles, you lose a percentage of that, you can't help it.

"I'd love to think we could get three thousand here on a Tuesday night for those two games.

"We were already experiencing lower gates in the lead up to Christmas so we have to try and maximise our gate revenue and any other streams of revenue we can devise or look at.

"The bottom line is to firstly push this season as best we can but, even more so, next season as well. We've got to look at that because that lost revenue doesn't suddenly reappear. You have to work at it and make sure you build that back up to set a decent budget for next season."

Full interview: https://www.herefordfc.co.uk/interview-jon-hale-speaks-on-covid-over-the-christmas-period/