Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Gowling Worried About Next Season's Budget


Hereford manager Josh Gowling is worried about his budget for next season.

Covid in the squad meant that the two homes games over the Christmas period were postponed and that has put pressure on the current budget and perhaps next season's as well.

"We do have an older fanbase and you can understand why some of them are not coming to games because of the Covid risk," Gowling told the Hereford Times.

"But for the football club and my budget that will have an impact. 

"You set a budget for a set attendance and if we're not hitting those targets then where will that leave us next season?

"My worry is we're going to be cutback after cutback every year and then where will we be next year with the budget that we've got?

"Really we should be talking coming into January about what players we are going to retain and then looking to add to the squad next year to make us even stronger.

"Now are we going to be able to do that? If not that means we're going to lose our best players again.

"That means we will be back to square one again where we have to start re-building 10 or 12 players into the squad which I don't want to do."

Read the article at: https://www.herefordtimes.com/sport/19823578.hereford-fc-prepared-adapt-lose-players/