Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Westfields Sam Hunt Awaits Ambulance After Head Injury

Westfields Sam Hunt suffered a serious head injury when he collided with railings in their home game against Longlevens this evening

The incident happened mid-way through the second half.

Minutes afterwards Westfields tweeted that no ambulance was available.

'We are told no ambulances are available which is hugely disappointing as Sammy Hunt is unable to be moved which has resulted in both sets of players leaving the field.'

The physios from both clubs are looking after Hunt.

Updated 10pm: The referee has abandoned the game. But, as yet, no ambulance.

10.40pm: Westfields say '90 minutes and still no ambulance'.

It finally arrived just after 11.30pm.

Further Update Wednesday 10am: 

Sam Hunt has tweeted:    

'Home now, battered and bruised with a cracked head, concussion and neck/shoulder injuries. Want to say massive thank you to everyone who assisted me especially Joe Darley/Lynchy for not leaving my side. Time to recover.'