Monday, April 05, 2021

Without Covid We Could Have Been In The Play-Offs Said Burr.

Steve Burr

In his interview with the 'Sunday Social' Hereford assistant manager Steve Burr was asked about how well the club might have done this season without Covid and he also spoke about the much reduced budget he and manager Josh Gowling are having to work with.

"I think we've still got a lot of hard work to do yet with the squad," said Burr.

"I would have thought we could have been in the play-offs this season.

"There was a big turnaround in players during the summer because the budget was drastically cut. They were heading to another big disaster at Hereford again with what they were paying out and not getting any rewards for it.

"Whether they threw money at it thinking they would get back in the Conference and then the Football League it didn't happen.

"Myself and Josh have had to look at the budget and get lads from lower down. We used it in the best way possible to get what we felt was good value for money and we have got a good group of players without a shadow of a doubt. 

"If we can keep this group together for the coming season then I'm sure there will be a lot of happier times ahead for the Hereford supporters."

Burr spoke about his move to Edgar Street after scouting for Fleetwood.

"Josh was playing at Hereford and he said I think they might want me to take over at some stage when the manager gets the sack. Would I go and help him?

"At the moment I'm with Fleetwood. If you get the job then I'll have another chat with you.

"As it happened Josh went in as manager, got the job, and he asked me to go in with him and I was only too happy to help him. With my experience and that I'm sure I've helped Josh.

"It's hard work and it's very different and I'm quite convinced Josh will have a good future in management.

"I'm really enjoying the role. You don't have to deal with all the other problems that you get as a manager!"

What's the target for next season?

"To try and finish as high as possible.

"You have to be realistic as well with what you've got to spend.

"I think with Hereford people look at it and say big club Hereford and they are paying out a lot of money and they have been doing, no question about it. They have been paying far too much out.

"Obviously we've felt the brunt of that this season but I think if you can use the money in a sensible way and slowly build your club back up and build your squad then things like the Trophy, things like having an FA Cup run, all adds to making your club stronger and to help you get more money in your budget to bring better players in."