Friday, April 16, 2021

Robbie Earle Remembers A Night In Hereford

Robbie Earle, one of the so-called Crazy Gang who played for Wimbledon in the 1990's, has recalled a night in Hereford whilst being interviewed for the Daily Mail.

Earle says he was made to jog naked for two miles on his first day with Wimbledon.

'We were out on a run before training and as we got to the furthest point away from our ground the lads all jumped on me and stripped me," said Earle

"It was two miles back to get more kit. I had to jog past a few old ladies and other people out on their morning strolls.

"God knows what they thought. It must have been a strange sight. And that was my first day at the club, so that was my kind of welcome to Wimbledon."

His has 'hundreds of stories' about the time he was playing with the likes of John Fashanu, Vinnie Jones and Lawrie Sanchez.

One of those is about a game at Hereford. Although he doesn't say which game it was, it looks as though it was a second round game in the Coca-Cola Cup played on September 22nd 1993. Hereford lost the game  1-0.

"We had such a fun time together and some cracking nights out as well. It's probably a good thing there was no such thing as camera phones or social media around that time or some careers might have been cut a bit short.

"I remember on the way back from Hereford once, we'd just beaten them in the Cup, and our coach had broken down. The driver told us it won't be sorted until tomorrow morning. The lads let out the biggest cheer because it meant we could have a night out in Hereford. And we ended up having a night like you wouldn't believe.

Highlights of the game:

"Things have changed since my days. Players can be a bit vanilla now. I know Sam Allardyce at West Brom said Covid has made it difficult for him to do some of the things he's wanted to do to try and bond the players, which is important when you're fighting relegation. We were a band of brothers at Wimbledon and that was a big reason why we were successful."

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