Sunday, April 25, 2021

National North Clubs Expected To Join Social Media Boycott

National North League Clubs are expected to join the 'social media boycott' set to take place next weekend.

Chester and Darlington have already said they will join.

Meanwhile the FSF, Football Supporters Federation, has agreed to join the boycott.

"The Football Supporters’ Association is fully behind the game’s efforts to stamp out online hate and discrimination and will join next weekend’s social media boycott. Much media attention has rightly focused on the vile abuse aimed at players, managers and journalists in the men’s and women’s game and we see that aimed at fans groups too. It has to stop.

"Many of our most active fan groups tell us that they have received disgusting abuse when they are doing nothing more than trying to represent their supporter base. It’s a threat to the very existence of supporter organisations who are run by volunteers in their spare time. As fans we stand with players, managers, referees and all in the game in calling for the social media companies to step up."