Saturday, January 02, 2021

Maybe A Point Was A Fair Result Said Burr

Hereford assistant manager Steve Burr felt his players didn't perform well in the first half of this afternoon's match at Kidderminster which ended 1-1. But, speaking to BBC Hereford and Worcester his view was that the Bulls created more in the second period and 'maybe a point was a fair result.'

"I think we knew it was going to be a tough game, local derby and what have you," said Burr.

"We were very disappointed that we just never got going in the first half and Kiddy were on top for most of the first half. They came at us, closed us down and didn't give us anytime.

"We gave the ball away too often and really I think we were pleased to get in at 1-0 at half-time."

Hereford brought on Giles Coke at half-time.

"We just looked at it and felt there were certain areas we weren't getting on the ball and so we made a tactical change at half-time and brought Giles on. It worked, he did really well for us. It changed our shape from the first half which we felt we needed to do.

"And in the end I thought we were excellent second half and we were disappointed we didn't win the game in the end.

"I would think Russell (Kidderminster manager) will be disappointed in the first half, they had some good chances to increase their lead. We managed to hold on and go in at 1-0 down.

"First half we were just a yard off the pace. We've had a lot of games and this week hasn't been the best preparation with the weather but it's been the same for everybody so you get on with it.

"But we just felt from our usual standards of what we have set of going at teams from the off for whatever reason that didn't happen in the first-half.

"We are still a young side, we're learning and we've brought players in this season who have gelled well together. The work-rate and comittment they are showing is second to none and we can't ask for more than that.

"Obviously on the tactical side we are working with lads during the week and trying to improve them. It's still early days for us but there are some really good signs." 

It's Spennymoor next.

"That will be a long trip for us on Tuesday so we'll get the lads back in on Monday morning and have a look and see how we are fitness-wise.

"When you are on a run like we've been on you can't wait for the next game. We're just disappointed that we just didn't finish it off in the second half today because we had enough possession and enough efforts on goal to have seen it through.

"I suppose with our first half performance which wasn't our usual what we expect, maybe a point would be a fair result."

Both goals came from penalties.

"Yan lost his footing I think for theirs, just clattered into the lad. The other one the lad has just barged Lenny over so I think the two penalties looked like penalties."

Are you still worried about injuries?

"We're still worried!

"It's important, we're not running with a big squad and that been well mentioned so it's important I think.

"That's that little bit of luck you need if you are going to be sucessful to keep your main players fit so we went to Leamington and we had to change a couple of lads through not being 100% right. Lenny has come back in today and got himself another goal.

"He's so important to us and how we play we'll just have to wrap him up now and he'll be alright for Tuesday hopefully.

"It's amazing that when you're on a run the injuries don''t seem to kick in as much as when you are struggling a bit.

"I think it's the games and the volumes of how quickly they are coming for the lads. Grimes today was feeling his hamstring a little bit after training on New Years Eve but he got through the game today okay but you know at a point sometimes they'll need a rest and a break. But we'll look at it. 

"I personally feel there are really good signs here with the side we've got. Yes we would like to make a few additions and strengthen it if we could. That might change in time. But at the moment I'm quite excited about the squad and the lads who are playing for us.

"Hopefully we can continue and keep pushing in the right direction. That's the main thing. Our goal is to win the next game and wherever that takes us in league this season so be it."