Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We Need More Players Said Burr

Hereford assistant manager Steve Burr is concerned that the squad is short of numbers at present and would like to bring some fresh faces in.

A couple of players received knocks in the Trophy game last night.

"It's a concern at the minute because we are low on numbers," said Burr talking to Keith Hall.

"We'll know more on Thursday when we get back in training and access the squad then including the ones that picked up knocks tonight. Hopefully not too serious.

"We're trying to work on that to bring one or two in. For me we could do with bringing three or four players in to bloster the squad.

"It's well mentioned that there are lads here who could leave at any time with other offers may be somewhere else. That's a concern.

"We're pleased to have them here at the moment but we really do need to strengthen."